Master’s in Teaching vs. Master’s of Education: What You Need to Know

For many teachers, earning a master’s is a chance to reach a higher pay grade or to fulfill a continuing education requirement. It’s also a chance to learn and develop new skills or examine new theories of teaching in order to deliver a better experience to their students.

If you’re thinking about earning a master’s degree, you have a choice to make; will you pursue a Master of Arts (or Science) in Teaching or a Master of Education? Keep reading to learn more about your degree options.

Master of Arts or Science in Teaching

For those looking to improve their methods of teaching, fulfill their continuing education requirements or go from a high school teacher to a college professor, a Master of Arts or Science in Teaching is a great choice. This degree program focuses on all areas of education. While earning your degree, you’ll learn the theories behind why we teach a certain way. You’ll also take a deep dive into a specific area of focus that you plan to teach, such as English, math or history.

A Master of Science in Teaching and a Master of Arts in Teaching are very similar. Both will prepare you to teach at a higher level or fulfill a continuing education requirement to continue in your current position. These degrees are both scholarly based, and often require a thesis as a final capstone to your degree program.

If you want to earn your degree while also working in a classroom or in another career, you can opt for a Master of Arts online. This is a great way to earn your degree on your schedule, in order to further your education and reach your goals.

Master of Education

A Master of Education is much less focused on teaching specific skills involved with teaching. Rather than focusing on methods of teaching and strategies, a Master of Education is focused on studying the practice of education.

In a Master of Education degree program, you’ll likely take a deep look at the theories of teaching that are currently used in high schools, colleges and other schools in this day and age. You might compare different education outlooks and evaluate their effectiveness, and the reason they are in use today. Some Master of Education programs specialize in examining a specific area of studies, like curriculum, education technology or technical educations. In cases where assistance is needed in obtaining a master’s degree, an essay writer can provide direct assistance.

If you’re looking to pursue a career outside of the classroom, such as administration and leadership, a Master of Education is a great choice. However, you can also use this degree as a way to further your teaching career. Because a Master of Education is a “professional degree” rather than an “academic degree,” most programs will not require you to complete a thesis before graduation.

Choosing Between Master of Arts or Science in Teaching vs. Master of Education

If you’re thinking about continuing your education in order to advance your career or even your pay grade, you’ll first need to choose the right master’s degree program. Both a Master of Education and a Master of Art or Science can help you reach your goals. However, depending on your specific career goals and interests, one degree program might be a better fit for you at this time.



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