How Magento 2 SEO Extensions Can Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Ecommerce has quickly taken over the traditional buying and selling practices and now accounts for over $4 trillion worth of sales globally. With its rapid growth into diverse business categories, today’s merchants seek the best eCommerce solutions that offer a blend of flexibility, scalability, and extensibility to run their stores.

Magento, widely known as the platform of choice for the world’s leading enterprises, has earned a huge place among online retailers thanks to its amazing open source technology and tons of features. Magento offers unrivaled flexibility, streamlined UI, scalable design, comprehensive functionalities, and speeds easily eclipse every other shopping cart. But most importantly, Magento has some of the most feature-rich extensions that make selling and buying experience worthwhile and fun. In this article, we will share a review of Magento 2 SEO extensions that allows merchants to increase store efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and improve SEO performance. This extension is the perfect recipe for staying ahead of your competition and building a stronger online footprint.

SEO Extension for Magento 2

SEO Extension for Magento 2 by FMEextensions is one of the most popular choices among online retailers. It comes with a total of 7 fully loaded SEO plugins that helps merchants to automate their SEO tasks, reduce online marketing costs, and increase their digital presence. It is the perfect SEO toolbox that every Magento store owner must have and includes almost every functionality to get started from scratch or enhance an already running store.

Auto Create SEO Optimized Meta Tags

Meta tags make a key component of your SEO strategy because they directly impact how your site appears in Google SERPs. They also control the CTR of your links which compliments your site traffic and engagement rates. With Magento 2 SEO extensions pack you can automatically generate SEO optimized meta titles, descriptions and keywords for products, categories, and CMS pages. You can also utilize attributes & variables to create unique meta tags and descriptions for your products and categories.

Add Unlimited Image Alt Tags

Alt tags play a solid part in describing your images to visitors, especially for those who are sight-impaired or otherwise unable to visually identify them. This helps to increase the relevancy of your image content, thereby boosting your rankings and bringing more exposure to your store. SEO ultimate tools include the Alt Tag optimizer that allows you to automatically generate unique alt tags for product images based on product attributes, as well as custom text. You also have the option to add/update existing alt images and rewrite image names.

Utilize Schema Tags

Schema tags are an essential part of your SEO strategy that helps search engines return more informative results for your customers. It also increases your website’s CTR by showing additional information when your search links appear on Google. These tags captivate your customers and increase their conversion potential. With SEO extensions, you can easily create search engine optimized rich snippets and schema tags by adding structured content such local business information, product info, links to social profiles, breadcrumbs, Facebook open graph tags and links to multiple products.

Generate HTML & XML Sitemap 

XML sitemaps improve the crawlability of your content whereas HTML sitemaps serve as an internal navigation system for your website. Optimizing them according to Google’s standards is imperative for achieving the steady flow of traffic and good user experience for your customers. Magento 2 SEO extensions pack help you auto-generate and configure XML and HTML sitemaps, allowing you to add and remove product, categories and CMS pages. You can also add custom links and configure the frequency and priority of XML sitemaps.

No-Index No-Follow Tags Your Pages

Certain pages such as internal search results, admin/login pages, and registration pages are irrelevant for SEO purposes and therefore avoiding their indexation is the best way to go about. With No-Index and No-Follow tags feature you can easily control web crawlers from accessing these pages and prevent any undesired results. you can easily add NoIndex / NoFollow Tags to Products, Categories, and CMS Pages.

Canonicalize Your Web Pages

Canonical tags are another important element of your SEO action plan which helps you to improve the relevancy of your store pages, remove any content duplication issues, and communicate the link between your store pages and categories. Magento 2 SEO extensions package gives you the power to canonicalize URLs of product pages, category pages, CMS pages and custom URLs to prevent any duplication strikes from Google. It also includes features to add canonical to pagination and layered navigation URLs, apply rel=”Next” and rel=”Prev”, and add an exception for canonicalization.

Add Hreflang Tags Multi-Lingual Stores

Like canonical tags, hreflang works as a key determinant in giving your content global SEO boost, especially if you have multi-lingual stores. Moreover, they help the merchant in avoiding penalties related to content duplication and enhance content targeting based on the customer’s linguistic and regional preferences. With SEO Magento 2 Ultimate optimizer tool, you can easily rank your web pages and get higher sales on multi-lingual stores without adding dedicated content. It highly effective method of diversifying your store sales without putting any additional optimization effort on your regional stores.


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