How to Land An Entry Level Job?

How to Land An Entry Level Job?

We are all familiar with some form of the joke where the employer wants 10 years of experience from someone who is starting in the job industry. However, once you do enter the job market, you will soon realize that that is true to some extent. Getting around that problem is something that has perplexed people for ages. However, with proper planning and an effective approach you can cross that hurdle without a problem. The following tips will prove to be extremely useful for anyone who is looking to land an entry level job.

Apply Anyway

One of the biggest problems that young people entering the market face is a lack of confidence in themselves. A lot of times they come across a job opportunity and think that they are simply not qualified enough to do it. Usually, these jobs are lucrative but also within their reach. The fear that you are not good enough may be holding you back from getting the job that you have always wanted. No matter what the job is, or who the employer is, if you think it matches your education and personal choice, simply apply for it immediately. A lot of times, employers may be willing to hire someone who is less than ideal simply because a lot of other candidates did not apply at all like you would have.

Talk to People

The term “networking” has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and that too for good measure. Knowing people in your field can lead to getting notified about positions that you may not even have heard of otherwise. A lot of companies often look for people that they can be sure about and to do that they often ask people within the company to recommend someone. Knowing people in your field and having a good professional relationship with them can help you enter the market a lot more quickly. Use tools like LinkedIn to find people who work in similar fields and engage with them regularly to stay updated about the industry and potential job opportunities.

Develop Practical Skills

One of the best things that you can do to stand out among any pool of applicants is to develop practical skills. These are the things that you do only once you start working for an organization and not before. Depending on the industry that you are planning to go into, this could be anything ranging from learning a new programming language, improving your communication skills, having a large professional network, or perhaps to learn how to write a business proposal. Find out what the employer wants and try to meet those requirements while you are still studying. These things can also help you along during interviews as you would have a lot more to show and talk about than just your academic achievements.

Do an Internship

Since employers often want some sort of experience from the candidates that are applying, the most obvious way to do so is to do an internship while you are studying. A lot of organizations offer internship programs for students to help them gain the experience that they need to enter the job market. Try and find as much internship work as you can manage along with your degree to generate sufficient experience for when you launch yourself into the job market. They will not only teach you how the professional world operates, but also help you prepare for your job interview.


The things mentioned here are tried and tested and are known to work for any field that you can think of. Apply them to your hunt for an entry level job and we are sure that you can land the job that you have always wanted without any problem.

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