How To Counter Theft With Your Employees

All business bosses hope their workers feel comfortable in their roles. Once they’re settled, they can perform their best work.

However, some employees can become too familiar with their environment. Unfortunately, some thefts can occur, with workers stealing expensive tools or cash from their till. Others may not have malicious intentions and simply believe they have a right to take some business property home if they use it professionally.

Stark lines need to be drawn here. But what can you do? Read on for some tips to help you deter theft with your employees.

Outline Policies Clearly

Publishing a range of written policies might not seem too effective for a matter as serious as employee theft. After all, rules can always be flouted, and it seems common sense for workers not to take business property home.

However, sending out a company-wide email can help establish the rules all employees should abide by. Not only are potential thieves reminded of where they stand, but upstanding employees can also read and recognise these rules and enforce them on your behalf. Instead of sending continuous reminders that disgruntle employees, you could suggest that they pin the notice to the top of their inbox if they need to or ask them to make a note elsewhere.

The staff handbook is also a good place to reiterate company policy. It should be well-written, and each employee should receive a copy on the day of their orientation or at any time when amendments are made. It’s important not to leave ownership technicalities open to interpretation. Once rules are set in stone, they can’t be argued with.

Tag Items

Employees can still have forgetful moments despite a written recording of your firm’s expectations. A constant reminder is required without overwhelming their inboxes or paper storage.

Fortunately, these asset tags from Label Source are a viable solution. You can both mark, identify, and track your goods with them. Each tag can be applied to records, valuable goods, office supplies, and any other item you wish to keep tabs on. Because these products are so versatile, you’ll have few doubts after their application.

Workers should easily identify the tag. However, even if they fail to notice or ignore it entirely, the item can still be tracked and retrieved. It’s peace of mind and enables you to stay one step ahead of any unfortunate circumstances, ensuring that theft within your business is suitably countered.

Analyse Employees Closely

Being suspicious of workers can be detrimental to your firm’s functioning. However, it’s important to be mindful of their behaviour, so you can be watchful for any inconsistencies that may lead to theft.

Are your employees leading lifestyles that their salaries don’t quite support? Might they be volunteering more often to work late on your premises? Could they suddenly be averse to working from home if a hybrid scheme is implemented? Are they supportive or resistant to changes in inventory management?

It’s worth pointing out any inconsistencies in their usual workplace personas in light conversation. If they were planning to steal something, it might be that feeling seen is enough to dismiss those notions from their minds entirely. If something goes missing, you’ll also have a somewhat reliable list of suspects to track with CCTV.

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