What is a Signage Broker?

Wherever you live and operate your business from, there is no denying that having appealing signage for the front of the building is critical to attracting new customers.  It is how we get our name out there, for one thing!  In fact, when it comes to branding for a brick-and-mortar establishment in Canada, having effective name recognition via the signs and other imagery that you put out is quite vital.

Unfortunately, it is a difficult task to undertake on our own.  As you can see in this blog post, that does not diminish its meaning and importance.  I would argue that it highlights that, honestly.  So, if you want to get a better understanding of how it works, make sure to keep reading!

What is Signage?

It is a form of marketing and advertisement that has existed for centuries, albeit in different forms.  However, signs have been an important part of human communication even as far back as the ancient Babylon!  That it has kept its place as a critical aspect of a business is a testament to how impactful it truly can be.

Whether you have a large or small sign, it is a way to attract people to your establishment.  Think about some of the most popular companies and brands today – McDonald’s is one that I think of instantly.  When we see those “golden arches,” we know exactly what store is nearby.  That definitely drives up foot traffic, right?

So, the goal is to achieve something at least similar to that (as it is doubtful to get exactly the same response given how that is a multi-billion-dollar corporation compared to small businesses operating out of your local province in Canada).  Therefore, many shops decide to work with a sign broker to create the appropriate image for their own brand.  Since it is something fraught with trials and tribulations, having assistance is often quite welcome.

With a broker, you can focus on some of the aspects of how signs should function for your storefront.  This can take many different forms.  However, one of the main points is to accurately depict what your store offers.  Now, I am not saying that you need to stamp on a stapler if that is what you sell, but instead, you should try to demonstrate a “feeling” of what it is that you carry.  While it sounds complicated, with experts on your side it really is not.

Should we Care?

With the advent of digital marketing, it is all too easy to let the more traditional forms of building brand recognition go by the wayside.  However, this is not the soundest business strategy.  Most, if not all businesses that have in-person shopping experiences to offer should be worried about what sort of signage that they have.

After all, it serves as the beacon to bring in more foot traffic and hopefully paying customers!  Now, there is a bit of a process involved in creating one.  You can find some additional information on that here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/encyclopedia/signage-and-sign-permits.  Just know that it can be a lot for one person to take on all alone.

No matter which way you decide to proceed with having a new one made for you, chances are that you will need to discuss it with a manufacturer.  Involved could be things like selecting the font, color scheme, and the exact words that will go on the sign.  Decisions such as these should not be taken lightly, though, seeing as they will certainly have a profound impact on your future branding.

For these reasons, amongst others, many owners decide to work with an outside firm or organization that helps to identify what strategies will be effective for your specific needs.  There is not one all-encompassing answer, but instead, a variety of ways to approach the matter of developing more recognition by passersby for your company.

The issue is that it can be difficult to identify those without some significant expertise in the field.  Thankfully, those with a degree in marketing or some other form of advertising can usually be of assistance in these cases.  Getting a feel for your local market is another thing to take into consideration, of course.

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