Starting Strong: 4 Ways to Solidify your New Hire’s Onboarding

Onboarding new hires in the right way is important, as you can only make a good first impression once, and making sure that they feel welcome and settled will allow them to get up to speed quickly.

With that in mind, here are a few impactful ways to streamline this process and bring them into the fold without leaving them isolated or dissatisfied.

Issue them a welcome kit

Welcome kits are a great way to show new hires that you want to boost their mood and recognize their importance as an asset to your organization from day one.

There are lots of welcome kit ideas to consider, and the best thing is that you can tailor your choice to reflect the culture of your company. Whether it’s sustainable snacks or practical gadgets you provide, a welcome kit will be an appreciated calling card for your business.

Introduce them to co-workers ahead of time

The most daunting aspect of starting a new job is meeting team members who are total strangers, but who you will be expected to work alongside effectively from the get-go.

This can make first days a real trial for newcomers, which is why it is better to ease the strain by introducing them to their future colleagues in advance.

There are several ways to go about this, such as by arranging a video call with the team, bringing the new hire in for a meeting, or just putting them in touch with other employees on social media. Even a few words exchanged before their start date can get them over that initial hump of anxiety.

Provide them with the right gear

Every professional needs the right tools to do their job well, and this can be factored into onboarding so that new hires appreciate that they will be appropriately equipped to fulfill their potential, rather than being expected to scrape by on their own initiative.

This is especially relevant if they are going to be working remotely at some point, as having to rely on personal devices to keep up with professional responsibilities is not ideal. Likewise if there are any complex systems to familiarize them with, do not leave this as an afterthought.

Do not rush the onboarding process

It may be tempting to power through the steps involved in onboarding new hires so that you can take advantage of the skills and abilities they bring to the table as soon as possible. However, this is likely to backfire, especially if you do not give them adequate time to acclimatize to their new role, and to the wider team and company they now find themselves in.

Some organizations go so far as to have a seriously extended induction period, lasting weeks, months or even years. This will vary depending on the role and the industry, as well as the resources of the business in question, but the key takeaway is that if onboarding is too fast-paced, it could be counterproductive and cause costly turnover.

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