LMS Features That You Need To Know In 2021

Learning management system (LMS) is the most used and advanced method for companies to train their existing employees and new joinees in a more systematic and convenient manner. LMS is used for online training courses, assessments, feedback, and analytics, making everything online and simultaneously reducing the manual work.

For instance, you can make the learning process easy by creating structured course content, conducting quizzes, taking user feedback and tracking the progress of a learner in an easier way by using LMS softwares. Take Mindflash LMS for example which provides all these features and many more.

LMS is a technology that keeps on adding new features for better user experience.

Here are few that you should be aware about:

1) Customized user experience:

To encourage employees to have diversified knowledge, a competent LMS has a wide range of content depending on the role of the learner. For example, if a learner is in an HR role , they can learn related to their field.

There can be a variety of topics like sales skills, business skills, IT skills and customer service etc.

An LMS allows organisations to teach all these different skills to different employees on a single platform. This improves the user experience of both, the learners, and the training administrators.

2) Mobile friendly:

Using a mobile-friendly LMS has emerged as a new trend because of the current pandemic. Since there is a high chance that many learners might not have access to desktops or may face technical issues at home, a mobile friendly LMS has almost become mandatory. Almost every LMS software company has advanced into this trend and it is safe to say that the trend is here to stay.

3) Performance tracking:

We can analyze if the learners were able to understand the course only by creating and delivering assessments in a flexible manner and tracking them. There is no point in just delivering courses and expecting the learners to learn. So, tracking performances and following a data driven approach can produce measurable results.

By monitoring individual performance monitoring, one can understand where the employee is lacking and develop criteria for specific skills where they need to focus.

4) Gamification:

Many people don’t pay attention to the courses because of various reasons so it’s the trainers responsibility to deliver the course in an engaging and entertaining way which can shoot up the interest levels of the learner. So, Gamification is one of the most trending features in LMS.

Gamification allows students to engage with game principles like points, progression and competition for learning activities which keeps the user more involved in the process.

5) Asynchronous learning:

This is one of the best features because it allows the learners to learn whenever they want and they don’t need to present physically in every class. It helps the learners to choose a time whenever they want to and give it their best shot.Combining Online reading, Videos and messages can help students learn at their own pace. The student can fast track the learning process or slow track depending on the progression.


The above mentioned are some of the new features that’s been added to LMS software, some of them were added in order to adapt to online learning for obvious reasons. Users can choose the right LMS by understanding their own goals and requirements and not go for something that’s not useful for users’ lifestyle and learning process.

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