Internet Dating Pros and Cons

Digital technology is affecting many parts of our lives, including romance life. With the Internet, you can find new friends or even a potential soul mate.  The usual process may start with meeting through the dating website through instant messages. The next step would be to communicate with emails, phone calls and eventually meeting face to face. Internet dating experience is an extension to the traditional dating method. In this scenario, there are pros and cons that you should know.

There are many benefits of online dating. Most dating websites are free, but you can pay to get more features. It would be very easy to search thousands of profiles. You may get thousands of early matches in a short amount of time. To get better results, you can be much more specific and define the kind of individual you are looking for. As an example, you may seek a vegan, who doesn’t smoke and located near your area. Another good thing about using a reliable dating site, is that it’s generally safe. First of all, you can be anonymous and you should share phone number or email address only to trusted individuals. You can keep your details confidential and reveal them only when you have met someone you can trust.

Of course, there are drawbacks of Internet dating. First of all, it will be quite difficult to evaluate people by just checking photo and profile information. There’s a possibility that the person is lying. When the first initial contact with someone is through direct contact, then you will get plenty of early information, such as visual appeal, weight, height, education and so forth. It will be less likely for the interaction to lead to disappointment. People who appeared amazing during phone or email conversation may be a ‘dud’ during the first date.  The chemistry or spark is easy to achieve when you meet someone in person.

Most of the time, people are uncomfortable with starting with online dating. However, the number of people that you can meet with traditional method is usually quite limited. When meeting someone in person, you should be to tell right away that you are interested. It means that phone calls and first date will come later. With traditional dating, you also have the advantage of being recommended by friends or family. This will be a huge advantage and the chance of being successful will be higher. With online dating, it’s possible that you will proceed with someone who is unsuitable, despite your best intentions.

For beginners, dating websites can be quite daunting. It will be quite disheartening that after sending messages back and forth, the first date doesn’t go well. In fact, you need to try a few times, before you find someone who is completely right for you. When doing online dating, make sure that you become more upfront. Also be frank by saying that there’s no promise whether it will be successful. Dating sites are affordable and convenient, but you need to be sensible.

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