TOP 7 Genius Gadgets To Make Your Beach Trip EVEN BETTER!

The summer is far behind and you are not going to give up! You try to take your chance and visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any other Southern city to warm up at the beach! It can reduce your stress, give much energy, and sun power. Taking a vacation, you need a list of MUST HAVE things. How, you have a time to think what you really need to do and to take with you in addition to your sunscreen. Of course, a modern convertible car is the first MUST HAVE for all beach travelers. San Francisco car rental under 21 is a really nice opportunity to rent a good comfortable car and find the best price even if you are under 21 driver. Again, a good car will help you to make the most of your trip. Don’t worry if you have a little time for your vacation. The most helpful modern gadgets are always near at hand.

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Let’s make your beach trip a bit better!

MUST HAVE Beach Gadgets

  1. Monitor UV

Going to the beach, you want to spend the whole day there, lying in the sun and relaxing. Health goes first! Don’t forget about it! Do you remember about special so-called safe hours, when the sun is not high and the weather is safe for burning? Spending the whole day in the sun may be funny but it can be also dangerous if you cross the safe line. Where is it? Take UV Monitor to the beach and always check if it is safe to stay there.

  1. eBook Reader

Sometimes, you get bored and want to stay alone with your thoughts. How about reading a book? Oh, don’t worry! You don’t have to bring all your books to the beach. It is enough to take a special gadget for reading – eBook. You can download as many books as you can and change them according to your mood. No more books! No more heavy valises!

  1. Scuba mask

This is a video camera, made for underwater swimming, or scuba diving. If you are fond of swimming and want to take a video or high quality pictures about what you saw under the water, you definitely need this mask. You don’t need a heavy helmet, waterproof case for your Go Pro or something. Just wear your scuba mask and you get a swimming mask and a camera – two in one!

  1. Waterproof pouch for smartphone

You can find a good waterproof pouch for your smartphone on Amazon. The optimal variant costs about $7! This is not a big price to keep your favorite gadget dry and safe. This universal phone bag looks stylish and fits any smartphone. You can do everything with your smartphone, texting, posting just through the pouch sensitive surface.

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  1. Portable smartphone charger

A smartphone charger is what you really need when you have to spend the whole day at the beach. This gadget doesn’t cost much, no more than $10-15. Why do you need it? Let’s suppose you are staying at the beach since morning. Even if you use your phone on maximum brightness, it becomes out of charge soon. So, you need a portable charger to charge your gadget or even few gadgets quickly. What is better, you don’t have to go to the nearest cafes and beach shops and ask for charging your phone or eBook.

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  1. Locker

Do you have anything to lock in? Every time you go to swim in the ocean, to the shower, or suddenly fall asleep right here at the beach, you want your priceless stuff will always be in safe. You can buy a special safe locker. It is equipped with a steel cable so that nonce can take the box away. By the way, it looks stylish and reliable.

  1. Solar-powered charger

This is what people usually call a backup plan. You can charge your phone and other gadgets to the full for about 2 hours. What is more, you may use a solar power for it. Of course, don’t forget to charge your solar charger first. How? Oh, it’s very easy. Just hold it in the sun for 6-10 hours. After that, the device is ready to charge your battery. You can find solar chargers of different prices. The best variant will cost about $70.



The beach season is the brightest period. There is nothing to spoil your vacation. Instead, there are many things to make it even better! Being a modern person, who used to live in comfort, you want to get the same comfort even at the beach. So, when you will be packing your swimsuit and a pair of brand shorts and sunglasses, don’t forget to take three-four interesting gadgets.

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