Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Picky Mother in Law

Mother’s Day can be a daunting occasion from a gift buyer’s perspective, especially if you are looking for something to satisfy those hard-to-please people in your family.

The best way to find fabulous presents to please even the pickiest mother in law is to do some research and see what others are ordering, so we’ve put together some ideas to help inspire you.

Flowers are always appealing

Flowers might seem like an obvious choice, but they’re popular for a reason. Everyone enjoys receiving flowers, as they show that you have put some thought into the gift-giving without this becoming a chore.

Furthermore, since you can send Mothers Day flowers directly to your mother in law’s doorstep, it’s an attractive and convenient gift even if they don’t live locally to you. Meanwhile the sheer array of blooms available, and the eye-catching arrangements on offer, lets you choose a bouquet that fits their tastes and personality.

You could also opt for a houseplant in this context, although part of the appeal of flowers is that they are only temporary, and don’t need to be cared for in the long term.

Experiences involving you and your spouse are appreciated

Most mother in laws will want nothing more than the gift of spending time with their kids and their partners, so rather than splashing out on some token of your affection for them, why not arrange an experience that all of you can attend together?

This can take place on Mother’s Day itself, or be scheduled for some time in the future. Whether you book a meal at a fancy restaurant, take a trip to the theatre, or simply have a family day at home, giving the gift of an experience that makes your mother in law feel more connected to you will pay dividends in the long run.

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving

A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t just have to be a one-off purchase. The rise of subscription boxes has opened up all sorts of longer term options for keeping on the good side of your mother in law, and also offering up plenty of variety so that even if they don’t like what they get one month, there’s always another selection of goodies just around the corner.

The best subscription boxes cater to all sorts of personal preferences and pastimes, so whether your mother in law is into fine dining, wellness and health, crafts, high end liquor, handmade jewelry or anything in between, there should be an option out there for her.

A picture is a gift to remember

One of the things about picky mother in laws is that they either have very specific preferences which they keep close to their chest, or their interests are so narrow that they already have every possible item they might need, leaving you at a loss in either scenario.

The answer once again is to make your gift personal, unique and representative of your relationship to them. A framed photograph is perfect for this purpose, and you have plenty of choice and flexibility with this type of present as well.

Whichever Mother’s Day gift you get for your mother in law, don’t rush it at the last minute. Giving yourself time to think it through will sidestep a lot of issues.

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