First Aid for Wet Laptop

Your laptop has delicate internal components that can be damaged by excessive moisture. You may accidentally spill coffee or orange juice on your stylish, expensive laptop. This will cause potential harm and may even permanently damage internal components. Based on researches, accidental spills are among top reasons why laptops get damaged. Within seconds after spilling liquid on your laptop, it can get damaged. First of all, don’t bother shutting down your computer. Quickly flip your computer and pull out the battery, so your laptop will switch off immediately. Here are other things you should do

  • Air dry it: You would be lucky if you spill clear drinking water, because coffee and soda are more harmful to your internal components. You may use absorbent tissue or sponge to remove excess liquid on the other part of your computer. Keep your laptop inverted, so you can the liquid off easily. Use table fan to circulate air around your laptop, so it will get dry faster. Don’t use hair dryer, because the hot air could damage internal components. Plastic components inside your computer could turn soft and lose their original shape. Make sure that the battery bay is completely dry. Even if your laptop appears to be completely dry, you should be patient and not attempt to turn it on. Some excess moisture could still remain inside your laptop. You still need to do the following.
  • Use desiccants: It will take more time for moisture inside your laptop to get dry. You can draw out excess moisture by using desiccants. It is a good idea to use desiccant packets in any major grocery store. Put your laptop in a plastic bag that you can tie tightly, Put some desiccant packets inside as well. If you don’t have these packets, you may put some cookies that you know will absorb plenty of moisture if you let them sit outside. If these cookies get limp and no longer crisp, then they have absorbed moisture. You may often hear suggestion that you should put raw rice inside the bag. However, your uncooked rice is already somewhat damp and it won’t absorb much moisture. Seal the plastic bag and let your computer sit for one day. The next day, check whether the desiccant packets or cookies become damp. It means that the method is working. Put fresh desiccants into the bag and wait for another day. Put the battery back into the laptop, cross your finger and hit the power button.
  • Remove the keyboard: If you have some technical skill, it’s a good idea remove the keyboard, so the interior will get dry faster. If you spill a liquid, it will likely go between keyboard keys. Even if you are skilled and experienced with dismantling a laptop, you may need to read instructions from the manufacturer, in case the laptop has unusual design that you don’t know. After removing the keyboard successfully, you may use lint-free, water absorbent cloth. Use cotton buds to remove moisture from little spaces.
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