Traveling by Car: 5 Applications For Easy Navigation

The success of the trip depends not only on the achievement of certain goals, but also on its comfort. Therefore, when choosing a way of transportation, many modern travelers prefer to rent a car at Sixt Toronto to using a public transport. The fact is that this is the easiest and the most convenient solution for travelers.

However, the problem is that even if having a good car at your disposal, it’s sometimes very difficult to navigate in an unfamiliar place without special equipment. If you forgot to add the GPS Navigator option to your rental, then the following applications for your smartphone can replace it…


OsmAnd and HTC One M7

(photo by Chih-Hao Tsai)

OsmAnd is perhaps the most popular offline navigator for Android-powered smartphones, thus if you have no Internet access, this is exactly what you need. The application uses vector maps from the OpenStreetMap resource, as well as raster counterparts from Google Maps, CloudMade, and MapSurfer.Net.

By downloading maps, you can get a route from point to point, and find the address of the museum, monument, pharmacy or cafe. Moreover, you’ll be able to travel along the mountain roads of the Alps. Voice prompts will tell you the direction of movement. In this case, you can make a return on the track, if, for example, you missed a turn or saw something interesting on the way.

The destination point is indicated by a red flag. If it’s still far away, you need to navigate by the red arrow, indicating the direction. The end point can be specified both through the search and through the context menu of the map. In addition, the availability of the creation and editing of POI objects with the further data transfer to the OpenStreetMap server is also presented.



P1000990 iPhone offline Tokyo maps

This is a powerful GPS navigator capable of working without the Internet. It provides detailed 2D maps, which are updated once a month. When building a route, you can choose one of three options – CoPilot always offers alternative routes.

If you are not in a car, use the walk mode – it indicates even the smallest buildings and POIs. The application is integrated with Google search and Wikipedia, thus allowing you to learn more about a landmark or city by pointing it. In addition, you can publish information about the route or your final location on Facebook and Twitter. Another distinctive feature of CoPilot is that if you use a smartphone, you can make calls without leaving the application. Sometimes it’s very convenient.



Ford cars are getting a new ‘voice-controlled co-driver’ thanks to Sygic

(photo by Cloud Computing)

This app cannot be ignored, because is really very convenient and interesting. By running the application, you will get access to the newest and most detailed maps. They are provided in both 2D and 3D modes. iGO supports voice input and voice prompts – just say the name of the item or address – and the navigator will automatically create a route taking into consideration traffic jams, obstacles and even the weather.

If you drive along a country road on which traffic jams are unlikely to appear, you can use iGO without the Internet – the application allows you to route the loaded maps. In addition, iGO contains an impressive database of POI objects that you might be interested in.


Here’s another development with which navigation on Android will become easier. It has already managed to gain popularity almost all over the world, and even won top places in the ratings of similar applications. A distinctive feature of the software is an opportunity to work offline.

That is, you can preload a map of any city or country from the OpenStreetMap service and navigate the terrain without GPS and Internet.

Maps are loaded instantly, and the detailing level in them will please even sophisticated drivers and travelers. The fact is that OpenStreetMap is supplemented daily by regular users, thus little-known country roads, new houses, establishments and even such trifles as fountains are indicated by those ones who are already working with the service.

Sygic: GPS Navigation

Turn left bitch!

(photo by dan gray)

This is one of the most popular offline navigators on Android. It allows you to upload accurate maps of 120 countries from TomTom service to the SD media, most of which are designed in 3D. All of them are free of charge, and also regularly updated.

The user can create routes with intermediate points for stops. In this application you’ll be offered up to three alternative roads to choose from. Sygic is distinguished by intelligent voice accompaniment – the user receives not only instructions regarding traffic, but also information about the streets that he drives through.

In addition, the application provides data about places of interest with comments from the TripAdvisor service. You can listen to the instructions through the speakers, because integration with the car stereo via Bluetooth or USB-cable is also provided.



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