Four Ways to Extend Battery Life of Your Smartphone

When you use smartphones frequently, its battery life won’t last long, especially if you open demanding applications or games. Any smartphone user is wondering whether they can extend the operational time of their devices, so they can be more productive and get more fun. In this case, you need to know how to manage battery power. It doesn’t take a technology expert to know that the more you use the phone, the faster you will deplete the battery. Here are things you should do:

  1. Disable automatic data exchange: When you are using your phone, you shouldn’t have any unwanted app that consumes power silently. They may include Internet data, GPS, Wi-Fi, portable hotspot and other services. They will consume plenty of power and this may cause battery drain. The best way to do this is to enable the Airplane Mode when you are not using your phone, as an example, when you are driving or working at office. This will disable all services. If you are expecting for phone calls or instant messaging update, then you can disable Airplane Mode, Only turn on your cellular connection and Internet data.
  2. Manage display: When you check battery consumption, often your screen is consuming the most power. Many times, your screen is too bright, especially if you are in an indoor space with low light situation. Find a balance between lower screen brightness and convenience. Continue lower the screen brightness gradually, until you start to squint slightly. Then increase the brightness a bit, until you feel convenient. This should be a perfect balance. Choose very dark wallpaper, instead of a colourful, bright one.
  3. Bring portable power backup: Often, you need to enable power-hungry services, such as GPS during a trip. Automatic e-mail fetching is crucial if you are expecting regular emails. In this situation, make sure that you bring extra power with you. Portable battery is the best way to keep your mobile devices powered up during a particularly busy day or a long trip. Look for quality portable batteries that can store ample power for your devices. In the market, you can easily find universal portable batteries, especially for Android smartphones that have micro USB ports. If you plan to spend days for outdoor activities, such as camping, you should purchase portable batteries with integrated solar cells.
  4. Charge inside your car: During a road trip, you may need to constantly use the phone as a navigation tool. Because GPS feature needs to be constantly turned on, the battery life will be shorter. However, you should avoid constantly charging the phone, because it may easily overheat. Also, never charge your phone when the car is switched off or on, because the power surge may damage the internal component of your phone.

By using the above tips, you should be able to keep all mobile gadgets properly powered. By having longer operational time, you will stay connected to the network during a busy day. You will get more experience and fun from the device as well.

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