4 Tips To Prevent Workplace Accidents During Your Start-Up Process

The business start-up process can be highly stressful for everyone involved, and due to emotions running high, it can be easy for accidents to happen when you least expect it. Therefore, the safety and security of your employees should be one of your highest-ranking responsibilities throughout the start-up process and beyond.

In industries with a higher risk of workplace incidents, like construction, food preparation, and factories, your management and workforce must work together to implement, understand, and follow relevant safety protocols to minimize the risk of workplace accidents. Here are some of our top tips for preventing workplace accidents during your start-up process for your employees’ safety and peace of mind.

1.      Take Out Relevant Insurance

There is no shortage of policies available to business owners or leaders looking to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances from commercial business insurance, business income insurance, and general liability insurance.

Depending on which industry your business specializes in, you may have to get different types of insurance as various policies cover various things. Generally, a popular option for all businesses is general liability insurance, which protects the company against claims caused through bodily injury, personal injury, and damage to another person’s property.

Whether a business is a start-up or established, taking out relevant insurance through providers like The Hartford can help companies find their footing and give owners a backup plan should any accidents occur. For more insight into the different types of insurance available for business owners, consider perusing their website or contacting a team member to discover how their services could make your business safer today.

2.      Provide Training For Staff Members

Educating your staff members on the potential hazards they could encounter during everyday work and the procedures your business has put in place is another way to prevent workplace accidents. However, much like insurance policies, training can quickly become outdated, so it’s essential that you hold regular training sessions so employees know any changes to or reinforce existing procedures.

Depending on which industry your business operates in, this training could involve teaching employees how to handle hazardous materials, proper lifting techniques, first-aid training, how to report an accident, or where to locate safety equipment.

3.      Keep Workstations Clear

Another way to minimize the risk of workplace accidents is by ensuring that all employees keep their workstations clear of clutter and that the surrounding environment is also clean and free of mess.

Accidents can quickly occur due to cluttered environments or ones with trip hazards such as loose wiring or floor coverings.

You can enforce this by creating an organized workplace or by putting signs around the workplace as a reminder. It’s also helpful to have several identifiable cleaning stations in place. So that if there is a spillage or clutter that needs to be cleared away, employees know where to look to resolve the issue and do so quickly.

4.      Carry Out Regular Safety Inspections

Once you’ve put safety protocols into place, the only way to ensure that employees adhere to them is by carrying out regular safety inspections. Doing so can help you identify any new hazards and put a stop to them before an injury takes place, and supports highlight which staff members are following your safety measures correctly. In addition, consider implementing safety measures specific to your industry, such as formwork in concrete construction, to prevent the risk of workplace accidents and promote a safe working environment for your startup.

Investing in relevant insurance, comprehensive safety training, providing employees with the necessary protective equipment, and implementing safety measures can further enhance workplace safety and minimize potential risks.

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