What You Need to Know Before Opening Your Own Urgent Care Practice

Millions of people dream about becoming their own boss, and it’s no different for some physicians. Many doctors open their own practice, whether it’s something they’ve always wanted to do or even if they’ve grown tired of working under someone else, but this type of business can be trickier to start up than other types. While facing many of the same challenges that other start-ups face, physicians looking to open their own practice also face a unique set of challenges.

Choosing a Location

When it comes to opening an urgent care clinic, the best place to do so will be in a standalone building. While it is still possible to operate one within another building, standalone works better because it will be easier for people to spot. You will also want the building to be located in a place where there’s a lot of traffic because it will be easy for potential clients to remember and find where you’re located. The building should also be easily accessible; When it comes to urgent care, you don’t want to be in a location that’s hard to access.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of the building. Operating out of a standalone building is going to cost more, especially in an area that is considered “prime real estate”. Real estate in urban areas also tends to cost more than real estate in rural areas. You do have the option to lease a building, but you may want to consider buying or even building one. Also, remember that the size of a building is not more important than its location.

Equipment and Technology

Aside from all of the necessary equipment that will be used by the doctors and other professionals, there are many different healthcare technologies that you should be aware of as well. One is the Practice Management System, or PM System.

PM Systems are very necessary, as it is a type of software that regulates the daily affairs of the clinic, such as scheduling, check-ins, and billing. Another software that will be needed is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) System, to store and keep track of a patient’s health records. There are different types of both kinds of software, so it’s important to choose ones that don’t have a huge learning curve. You’ll also need to be able to safely send medical records and within HIPAA regulations, so you should acquire an electronic faxing system which can help you send documents quickly and safely without compromising patients’ confidentiality. Although fax is used much less than it used to in the past, it still has evolved and you can find a faxing service which can allow you to use email to send a fax.

Hiring Staff

Who You’ll Need

Just like with the building, the size of your staff isn’t the most important thing. This is the most expensive part of opening an urgent care clinic, and overstaffing will cost you more money than necessary. When you’re just starting out, you will need to hire a Physician Assistant, a Nurse Practitioner, a Medical Assistant, and an X-ray tech.

How to Hire

Many physicians hire people they already know in the medical field when starting their own practice. While this may work for some, others may need to post their open positions on job search sites. When recruiting for your practice, you’ll likely see the best results when posting positions on a job site for physicians, or similar niche job sites. The key is to hire qualified individuals as this will increase patient safety.

You can also benefit from social media, finding both employees and clients. Millions of people use some form of social media every day, so it’s important to create a business page for your practice. For one, your business page will have information such as the location of your practice, hours of operation, and most importantly, the name. You can also post any job openings in case there are any medical professionals out there searching for a job.

It’s also important not to neglect the small things like the different types of insurance you’ll need for your practice. This is something that will be included in your business plan, which is also necessary for physicians wanting to open their own practice. The main thing to remember is that you’re just starting out, so it’s not important to have the biggest building and/or the biggest staff— it’s the quality of care you’re providing that is most important.

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