What Makes The Magnetic Screen Door Unique

In need of an affordable door but with lots of benefits, purchasing a magnetic screen door is a good investment that increases not just the beauty of your home but its value as well. The doors which are made to act like curtains are usually installed around the door frame and can be easily opened and closed. The doors are made with a magnetic stripe which is found at its center, this helps people gain easy entry and exit out of the home or building.

There are different types of screen doors one could consider getting, depending on one’s needs especially for people working on a tight budget. Looking for the ideal magnetic screen door? Go on reading.

What To Know About The Screen Door

The Door Size

When buying these door types, the first thing to focus on is the size of the door. While they are some that could be adjusted, there are others that need the buyer to have the precise door measurement in order to get the perfect fit for it.

The Door Material

In general, screen door manufactured materials are mostly made with fiber materials as opposed to polyester which is of high quality and quite expensive as well. The installation of these door types often comes with adhesive tapes for extra security. The magnets are generally utilized to secure the panels and keep them close. There are some of these screen doors that have hasps which aid in preventing them from blowing open when it becomes too windy.

What Makes This Screen Door Unique?

Can Be Installed Immediately

The screen doors come with all the user needs for quick installation. This includes all the metal and thumbtacks. These features greatly aid in making the installation process smooth and solid afterward.

Kid-Friendly Door

When choosing a door for a home with kids, it is also essential to think about how easy or difficult the door will be for them to access. The screen doors are a good option for families with kids because they are easy to manipulate even with kids.

Can Match Up With Big Doors

Another feature of the screen door that makes it unique is its versatility. These doors can work even with doorways that go right up to 38 x 82 inches. They are flexible enough to function well in metal, wood doors, or just sliding as long as they meet up with the aforementioned measurement. Always ensure to get the door measure before placing an order for a door.


The screen doors are made with durable heavy materials that can withstand the hitting from pets and kids who may continue to hit them when running around and playing.

Enjoy Nature

Another major advantage of the screen doors is their ability to let in fresh air while preventing the intrusion of outdoor pets. Using these doors is a good way to enjoy the fresh air from nature without any hindrance

No Need To Use The Hands

Returning home or going out with one’s hands full of many items could be so much trouble. The amazing magnetic screen door always opens up with a gentle push or as one approaches the doors. There is no need to use your hands while opening the door.


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