What Is VoIP? How does it Work & How Can You Make Calls Easily?

If you are a business that stays updated about the latest business tools than you must be cognizant of VoIP. This technology has improved the face of communication by all means. Now, you are not tied-up with copper wires. You have Virtual phone system that facilitates you to communicate from anywhere and any device.

Though VoIP is not under a veil anymore, people still lack information about how it works, how it can empower the communication, and how it can help a business to perform par excellently.

This article will illuminate you on all of these and many other significant aspects related to the best VoIP phone system. So, stay tuned.

Before we move any further, let’s learn what VoIP is.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest communication technology that concedes a user to make/receive a call over the internet. Unlike the traditional landline phone system which uses CSN or circuit-switched network, it uses PST or packet-switching technology that converts voice signals into data packets and transmits it over the internet. While the communication in PSTN phone systems is carried by copper-wires, in case of VoIP everything is powered by the internet.

What types of communication can take place through VoIP?

Based upon the devices used, communication over VoIP-based office phone number can be carried away in below-mentioned ways –

  • Computer-to-Computer
  • Computer-to-Phone
  • Phone-to-Phone

How VoIP offers a complete business communication solution? 

VoIP is the buzzword these days and all thanks to its unmatched capabilities for this. As we all know that internal and external communication holds the utmost importance in any of the business ecosystems. Without this, a business can never thrive in its target industry. That is why many businesses hunt for such business communication tools that enable them to communicate at every vertical without asking for a huge investment.

VoIP exactly does the same. Instead of using cable-based communication which comes with hefty monthly calling bills, VoIP uses the internet and makes calling pocket-friendly. Also, as VoIP works over the cloud, using it from anywhere is possible.

By using this, your employees can make calls that are free from location, device, and usability boundaries. For example, if you are using virtual US phone number then you can make/receive calls from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Also, you can make cost-effective international calls to any of the local location with a local phone number. The best part is that your VoIP-based phone number can be used for more than making calls. You can send emails & SMS, can transcribe voicemails, can do video chats, and even do call conferencing. Best VoIP phone system offers even more features and facilities.

With a PSTN phone system, your operations are trapped inside ‘four walls’. You can’t take it with you. However, this is possible with VoIP. You can transfer the calls of your office phone numbers on your mobile and run a call-center from your living room without spending an extra penny. In a nutshell, it offers whatever it takes to streamline business communication.

How does it make business communication cheaper?

With a copper-wiring phone system, establishing a business communication was a highly costly affair. You need to spend a huge fortune on hardware, and monthly maintenance. However, all of this can be curbed completely by using VoIP. It doesn’t demand any copper-wire webbing inside the office premise, no special software requirements, and demands nothing on maintenance. As it works on cloud-space, there is nothing to manage or maintain.

Making calls on the internet is way cheaper than making them on copper-wires. With this technology, you can make international calls to the USA@ 39p/min which is very less as compared to the landline phone system.

How does it increase your productivity? 

The best VoIP phone number comes with the whole set of integration. These integrations bring all the business components such as CR, sales & marketing, data management, and workflow management over a single place. These integrations also save your team’s time and efforts by auto-updating the customer details As soon as you receive a call, all the information such as a contact phone number, past purchase history, and concern type will be auto-updated in the system.

Also, there is a call analytics feature that will do call data analysis on its own. You will have details like which agent has received how many calls, call’s issue has been resolved, and how many concerned has been resolved by an agent. With such comprehensive details, you can track down the individual performance and find out the loopholes.

Should you switch to VoIP? 

Well, seeing all these facilities, one can easily conclude that switching to VoIP is the best decision that a business can make. So, don’t linger on more and get one for you now.

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