The Best Smartphone Games to Play with Friends

We all want to have some fun with our friends, get together, play games or just enjoy the hours of laughing and relaxing.

But while this may not be possible all the time, due to physical distance, different ways of life or busy schedules, people have developed and adjusted to other means of interacting and having fun with their friends.

Benefiting from the fact that virtually anyone you know and interact with on a daily basis has a smartphone, we moved the fun online too.

There are countless games and apps you can use on your smartphone to play with your friends, even though you are not next to each other.

If you are searching for the best smartphone games to play with your buddies, search no more. Here are a few ways to have fun online with your close ones:

Board games

Board games are basically designed to provide fun moments with friends. They are some of the most social games, and people like the most to get around the table and just begin some good hours of fun.

If this is not possible, then you can have the games on your smartphone. There are many board games in Google Play and App Store.

Here are some examples: Monopoly, Catan, Train Ride, Clue/Cluedo, Tabletopia, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne are some of the board games to play with your friends on your smartphones. And even if it will be a virtual evening of fun, it will be totally worth it.

Racing games

Yes, you can have also racing games with your friends on smartphones. And here is not just one, but two examples. And although both games can be easily played alone, you must take advantage of the feature enabling more people to connect and remotely play at the same time.

First is the famous Mario Kart Tour, brought by Nintendo. And this is one good iconic game to start a night of fun with your friends, historically being one of the best party games.

The second one is Asphalt 9: Legends. This game from Gameloft has a feature where you can create your own driving club and add friends to it.

Poker apps

Gambling games have always been social games, and you could play them including with your friends. But if you cannot sit at a poker table, you can always bring the poker to your and your friends’ smartphones.

One of the best free poker app is Zynga Poker, which is available on Android and iOS. It has over 2.5 million reviews in Google Play, with a rating of 4.3, and it has been around for almost 15 years now. Appeak Poker is another casual poker game, being updated in 2017.

But if you want to feel more, gain more experience, and play as you were at a real poker table, you can try to play it with real money on Unibet Poker Canada. Their app offers trustworthy poker games and a chance to play against hundreds of players. You can choose from avatars with modern graphics, and enjoy playing poker at the next level.

Trivia games

There are many trivia games that you can play with your friends, and their popularity and number is growing fast.

You can try Psych!, which combines trivia with Cards Against Humanity, in an attempt to answer trivia questions, with an added twist. That is because there aren’t only answers with multiple choices, but also incorrect suggestions from the other players.

Another game is Trivia Crack, which tests your general knowledge. There are questions on various topics, including geography, history, art, science, or sport. The game can be adjusted for different knowledge levels.

Word games

These are some of the most commonly played among friends over the decades.

Just saying Scrabble Go will remind you about the fun you can have with your friends while playing this game – now also on smartphone.

Other popular word games are Words With Friends 2 and the first (classic) Words With Friends.

There is no technical difficulty on playing word games – like the case with most of the games on this list –, as the rules are very simple and most of those playing them on smartphones have already experienced the games in real life.


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