Using Google Featured Snippets – Essential Facts to Consider

Google, all these years have been adding more information to the search results. There are more than organic search outcomes and AdWords to improve the overall search experience. There are also the Featured Snippets, which is a format that provides the users with a direct, concise answer to their queries. It appears correctly on the search page results. There’s no need for the users to click through on a chosen outcome.

A few important things to know about featured snippets

There are a few essential facts you need to know about Google Featured Snippets.

  • About 23% of all the search result pages comprises of a featured snippet.
  • Today, 23% has increased, and the percentage is even expanding.

Other than these facts, there are five kinds of featured snippets as well. They are:

  • Table
  • Accordion
  • Paragraph
  • Video
  • List

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More about Featured Snippets

Some of the most common Featured Snippet that gets used is a paragraph and the list. Also, the list is available in bullets or numerical format. The video and tables also get used. Video is an interesting feature as it will highlight a specific section of the video that it considers necessary for the user to see to get their answer.

Recently, SEO experts and marketers have been noticing accordions, as well. Though they are still unsure whether it’s being rolled out or at a testing phase.

It is much similar to the “People Also Ask” boxes. But they can expand and highlight the extra featured snippets, which is a good thing.

However, the lists (37%) and the paragraphs (50%) are usually the featured snippets types that get used frequently. Also, almost 50% of the featured snippet outcomes are in paragraphs. Around 9% of it is tables, and only 2% is video. The accordion is below 2%. If you want to optimize this feature, you need to be aware of these facts.

The informative sites are leading

It is a fact that the website that offers educational and financial data are performing outstandingly in the featured snippet domain. It is essential to test things out first. Make sure to explore the snippets that you wish to rank for. Ask the following questions here:

  • What kind of markup does it involve?
  • Where is it taking from a web page?

Once you assess these factors, you can move over to good stuff. It is essential to know the way to win featured snippets. For this, you can depend on the following four steps:

  1. Know your requirement

It is necessary to understand the featured snippet keywords for which your website is currently ranking for. This know-how will help you with the remaining three steps.

  1. Be aware of the searcher’s intent

Do you have a keyword like “Christmas Costume DIY” and search result web page showcased images, videos, and visual content? If yes, then it is necessary to add visual content for competing with that intent. Every search gets backed by an intent where users want to know what it is all about as well as help the process. It is a huge part of crafting content to rank in the search outcomes as well as featured snippets.

  1. Offer concise answers as well as content

Make sure that you do away with all the pointless and unnecessary words. You must have seen that Google offers concise, short data, especially for voice outcomes. That is the way to present your content and information.

  1. You need to monitor the featured snippet targets

Ensure whether you are trying to target the featured snippets or you already have them. You can use tools that offer high alerts. These tools also provide you with the required email information when you win or lose out on a featured snippet. Some of the SEO experts and marketers have discovered this to be one of the simplest ways to trace all essential things.

Know the difference between OneBox and Featured Snippets

When people look at the video outcomes, there’s usually scope for confusion. There are times when Google might decide not to show a featured snippet. You can search for any video and might feel the outcome is a featured snippet the way it appears. However, when you look very closely, you will find that in the video, there are extra data pieces, such as genre, cover versions, album, and artist.

This data didn’t come from any linked space, which is usually the case with a featured snippet. In reality, it is part of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Hence, it indicates that the box is Google OneBox that got shifted from its first place, which is usually towards the right-hand side of the results page and towards the top.

The way to obtain a featured snippet

It is one of the most important questions people have. However, Google that will decide which of the search requests got best answered through a featured snippet. Google will also decide on the domain that gets used for this answer as well.

However, there’s another way to alert Google to not show a webpage from the domain for the snippet. You need to place the <meta name=“googlebot“content=“nosnippet“> on the header of the webpage. However, you have no markup that will command Google for using your web page. However, the good news here is that you don’t have to markup the HTML for Google to generate lists and tables from the text.

Website owners know the content for which users visit their site. They are also aware of the content that’s best for conversions. Hence, if you give a content summary about the page, simple takeaways, and the like, there’s a chance of you ranking for all kinds of featured snippets. It is one of the useful tools to play around.

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