8 Writing Extensions for Chrome to Help You Streamline Your Process

If there is one thing that expert writers swear by, it’s the help of powerful extensions from Google Chrome. They are there to help make life simple, helping you take your writing game to all new heights. Today’s Google Chrome is packed with features, most of which you can use to streamline your writing process and get things done smoother than ever before.

Finding the Best Chrome Extensions

Many professional writers have a long list of applications, using them to help keep them on track, edit more effectively, and even plan their writing days and times better. Instead of having a long list of apps from different places, more and more writers are turning to Google Chrome writing apps that help make things run smooth. Below, you’ll find 8 best apps according to our writers and staff who’ve mastered the art of efficient writing.

1. OneTab

If you’re like many writers, you’re used to having a ton of tabs open on your computer. You may be checking emails, researching, looking for sources, or all of the above. No matter how many tabs you have open, it can become a hassle to make your way between one and another. That’s where OneTab comes to the rescue, helping writers by organizing all tabs into a list. They are in one place, easy to click, and open up in seconds.

2. StayFocused

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep focused. There are so many fun things online and online ads popping up that tempt you to click. When you add StayFocused to your list of helpful writing apps, you’ll have a way to keep yourself away from temptations that might cause you to click. It works by allowing you only a set amount of time on websites, locking you out for 24 hours once your time is up.

3. Evernote

For writers that are always jotting things down during their time surfing the web, Evernote helps keep them all in one convenient place. Simply head over to the sidebar, write or paste when you’d like to, and then find it whenever you might need it. This can come in handy as you’re doing research, helping you find vital things that you need to add to your writing to make your point. Track resources and save the websites you found them from all in one place.

4. Google Docs Offline Version

When you get knocked offline, it can be hard to surf the web, send emails, and research the way you need to. Now, you won’t have to worry about a faulty connection getting in the way, thanks to Google Docs’ Online version. It will allow you to keep on writing and save your spot just like the original. You can even click and share, with Google Docs sending them over as soon as you’re back up and connected.

5. Grammarly

A lot of writers wait until the end to do grammar and spelling checks. Thanks to Grammarly’s new Google extension, writers can now get an alert in real-time if a spelling or grammar error pops up. Grammarly is one of the top used apps for writers, including those on Write My Paper For Me.

6. Check My Links

When linking and backlinking, it can be challenging to check and make sure that every URL works. With Check My Links, writers can check all links with the click of a button, seeing those that do not lead to proper websites. Once they are spotted, it’s simple to go back in and change them so that each URL you use leads the readers to the right place.

7. AdBlock

When you’re always on the web, pop-up ads can get a bit overwhelming. They seem to come from everywhere, getting in the way of your time using the computer and effective writing. AdBlock is an app that will take care of that problem, keeping you from getting distracted in the process.

8. Read Aloud

When working long hours in front of a computer screen, reading can seem like a daunting task. To give your eyes and brain a bit of a break, you can check out Read Aloud. Select text online and listen up while the app reads it out to you.

Making the Most Out of Chrome Extensions

One of the key reasons for using apps is to make life easier. No matter your profession, there are likely apps for you, including writers. Each of these eight apps is geared toward writers, helping them pick and choose those that help them make writing easier. It’s easy to get distracted and sometimes hard to keep up with notes, which these apps solve.

Write Till You Drop

If you write for a living, you likely spend a lot of time in front of a computer. You might be writing all day and looking for things that help push you toward success instead of holding you back. That’s where these apps will help out, keeping you alert and ready to get your work done.

Writers use these apps when they are working on all sorts of writing. From essays to research papers and even SEO-optimized content, these are the apps that push them through assignments no matter how far they pile up. Write better and more efficiently with the help of technology and see how much you can improve.

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