Ten Inexpensive Promotional Products that can Work Wonders for your Brand

Promotional products can refer to drinkware and merchandise that bear the company logo. Branding articles of everyday use and handing them out to target customers during activation campaigns or tradeshows has been a practice for decades.

Samples and free goodies used to be hugely popular among customers in NYC during a time when the market wasn’t as competitive as it is today. When you walk down a busy avenue, you will find three to four cafes side-by-side. Can you even count the number of salons you cross daily from the subway to the office?

Now, the promotional product game has evolved. Everyone wants a slice, and the economy is not being kind to anyone. Businesses want to enjoy a high brand recall without spending tons on branding and promotional campaigns. That can mean only one thing – the selection of a wide range of inexpensive products that are not of cheap quality. At the same time, businesses require a trusted digital printing agency like Superior promotional product printing in NYC that can transform any cost-effective product to your promotional campaign masterpiece.

Before you go out on a hunt for inexpensive items you can use for the campaign, you should take a couple of minutes to explore this list of ten of the most effective but cheap things brands use for successful promotional marketing campaigns –

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth cover

Microfiber cleaning cloth covers are live savers for those who wear glasses. We typically use the cloth that comes with the case for months, but keeping them on the person is difficult without a case to maintain its cleanliness. This branded cloth cover is inexpensive, and your target customer can even use it as a sanitary napkin holder, ID cardholder, or a generic transparent envelope too.

  • Can-koozie holder

People love chilled beer and sodas, but they hate it when their fingers go numb. Your brand can become their best friend with a branded funky colored can koozie. It is an inexpensive option to make a lasting impression on a young customer group in New York City.

  • Keychain cum bottle opener

Key chains are all too familiar with a promotional product, but adding a bottle opener to it makes it indispensable to the average American adult. Every New York City household and office requires at least one can opener, and your brand should take this window to introduce its logo, brand colors, and message with confidence.

  • Customized stylus

Pens are overdone, and styluses are the new pens! So, why not take this opportunity to find out how your tech-savvy audience responds to a branded stylus from your company. Small to medium-sized enterprises in NY typically choose satin-finish or fully metallic styluses for a promotional campaign.

  • Branded coasters

Branded coasters with funky and funny messages are in. When was the last time you did not hear your mother or better half yell at you for not using a coaster? That’s right. Every household demands a good-quality coaster, and the fun thing about coasters is that the best quality is still inexpensive enough for small businesses. Pick a size, shape, and brand them. Hand them out to your target audience for higher unaided recall.

  • Tumbler and straw sets

Almost everyone in NYC is talking about shunning plastic. This is the time to introduce branded reusable tumblers and straw sets. Ensure that the ensemble is cleanable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Providing your customers an alternative to plastic can gain your brand some positive publicity too.

  • Phone grips and kickstands

Both are inexpensive options that are extremely useful for everyone. Almost every individual has a phone cover with a kickstand or a grip. Take your pick and brand them accordingly. It is a brilliant idea for promotional marketing if your target includes millennials and GenX-ers.

  • Hot and cold packs

It is ideal for outdoor activity and accessory companies. Hot and cold packs are useful during long road trips, hikes, and runs. However, these are quite cheap. You need an experienced team of printing experts, who know how to customize the branding on the material. Begin handing these out, and very soon, people will begin associating your brand with the soothing comfort these hot and cold packs bring.

  • Branded shades

Sunglasses are stylish as they are useful. You don’t have to distribute Ray-bans to please your customers. You need to pick glasses that are good-looking and enduring. Make sure to choose colors and shapes that suit almost every face type. Keep enough variety to satisfy every age group, if you have a diverse customer base. Branding sunglasses is quite common, cheap, and accessible in NYC. They are one of the top 10 promotional merchandise the US customer loves to show off!

  • Recycled totes and shoppers

Recycled bags have a niche market among young adults and teens. Millennials love brands that are eco-friendly, green, or environmentally conscious. There is no better way to promote and cement your eco-friendly image than by handing out recycled shoppers with your name on it to your customers.

Whether it is a $0.50 pen or a $2.50 bag, it is the right customer group that will make all the difference. Certain products work well with specific segments of customers. For example, the baby boomer population of NYC still prefers wearables, including hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. On the other hand, the consumers within their 40s prefer electronics and recycled merchandise. Conducting thorough research on the preferences of your customer segments is imperative for the success of your promotional campaign.

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