The Rise and Rise of Social Gaming

Last year we saw an exponential rise in the world’s online gaming market. So much so that its value is expected to touch the $ 2.2 trillion mark by the end of 2020. Although this is excellent news for online gamers, it also bodes very well for people associated with the tech industry.

Why do you think that social gaming has gained such popularity so quickly? Does it have to do with its social aspect? Let’s delve a little deeper and understand what has led to its rapid rise.

Direct interaction with other players

Online social gaming as well as social casino gaming offer plenty of opportunities to interact with others while playing the games. Some of these platforms allow players to interact with anyone present on the platform even if that person isn’t involved in the same game. For instance, you could be playing online slots with your friends, but quickly switch to blackjack and get into a conversation with someone else.

The presence of notification systems, forums and live chat facility in online social gaming have created a solid foundation for such games in the online world. These games enable you to befriend others while having an excellent time playing your favourite games. It’s a factor which has contributed significantly to the popularity of social gaming.

Easy availability on popular social media portals

Majority of the well-known social games can be accessed through the popular social media websites today, Facebook included. It includes popular social casino games like online slots, online blackjack etc. which could earlier be enjoyed only at an online casino. The availability of these games on social media portals has given them an additional element – now players can get to know their scores in comparison to their friends. They can even seek their friends’ help to overcome certain obstacles in these games.

Ease of usage

Social gaming as well as social casino gaming are made possible by some of the most cutting edge technologies today. Fortunately, there is no need for the end users to be aware of them. In fact, making the most of social features offered in such games, isn’t very different from simply exchanging messages on communication apps like Whatsapp, Slack, Viber etc.

As a result, the barrier for less tech-savvy and/or older generation has been done away with, allowing everyone to easily play these games, without any problems.

Casual gaming

At one time, the idea of enjoying one’s favourite games along with friends used to involve careful planning. Unfortunately, our schedules get packed with all kinds of activities as we grow old, making it extremely difficult to make the same kind of plans. Social gaming has done away with this constraint. Mobile support and cloud tech allows gamers to get their piece of action whenever they find free time on their schedule. Friends can connect instantly and play together at any time of the day or night, for instance, during the lunch break or while commuting. There is a certain casual element to such social games, which has made them very popular.

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