How to Learn Quran Online? A Definitive Guide

How to Learn Quran Online? A Definitive Guide

Learning Quran is mandatory for every Muslim. It’s a deed of great blessings and virtues from Allah both in this world and the hereafter. How much importance Muslims around the world associate with learning to read and understand the Quran is evident from figures. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world out of which over 1 billion know how to read the Quran. Around 80 million Muslims have memorized the entire Quran. A huge number of non-Arabs have understood the Quran with translation and interpretation.

Every Muslim desire to learn this glorious book of Allah. They also want their kids to learn Quran. They consider learning Quran a source of salvation in the next world. Learning to read and understand the Quran is not only a source of earning unlimited blessings from Allah but also leads to enlightenment. The Quran is a repository of knowledge and thus learning it exposes one to an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It has knowledge about everything whether it’s science, politics, economics, history, geography, anthropology, or ethics.

With the revolution in technology, learning Quran has also become easy. Gone are the days when people would go far off places to learn Quran. They would face all the hassle of traffic and long commutes to drive their kids to physical Quran learning centers. This was even a greater problem in places where there were few Islamic centers or Quran tutors. It would take days or even months to find a qualified Quran tutor for themselves or their kids.

Now, this has become super easy. With just a few minutes, one can find the best male or female Quran tutor to learn Quran from. They can also go for any Quran course they want according to their age or level. Additionally, they can choose their own preferred schedule and this too without going out of your room. All this becomes possible when one opts to learn Quran online, the most convenient and effective way to learn Quran. Let’s see in detail what is online Quran learning, how does it work and what are the advantages.

What is online Quran learning?

Learning the Quran through a digital medium is what refers to learning Quran online. With the popularity of online learning, people felt the need to create an online platform for both Quran teachers and learners. This was a great idea as it would change the entire echo system and bring about unprecedented convenience. People who would want to teach the Quran and those who want to learn Quran will equally benefit. The challenge was how will it work and will it succeed. The chances of success were high as other online learning platforms and online courses were already making rounds.

When the first online Quran academy launched, they were shocked by the response. They got a few registrations on the first day. With a little marketing and search engine optimization, the academy got a boost and got sign-ups to the point that they went short of tutors. The academy found it difficult to accommodate new students. They were forced to hire new online Quran tutors every day.

Seeing the potential and benefits, many other people started their online Quran tutoring websites. Within a few years, the number of online Quran academies reached hundreds each one progressing with the number of students increasing with every passing day. Today, these academies are in thousands. This shows people’s crave to learn Quran online and the advantages it provides. This trend is not only going to continue but grow further with time.

The number of students who are taking online Quran classes is in thousands, if not in millions. They are from every country. The majority of such students are from the USA and Europe. This is because of the lack of physical Quran learning centers and tutors there. They include students of every age and gender. Kids and adults alike find them effective and useful. Every day, hundreds of people from around the world register themselves in online Quran courses. This is evident from the fact that the keywords “learn Quran online”, “online Quran classes”, “online Quran tutor”, “learn Quran online with Tajweed” and other related terms have a combined search volume in thousands. This means that people who want to learn Quran online search for relevant platforms or sources using different phrases and keywords.

How does it Work?

The technology was not that advanced when the concept of online Quran teaching first surfaced. This was about 15 years ago. The pioneering online Quran Institutes used software that was not state of the art and frequently encountered issues. For example, the audio applications used for online Quran classes had distortions. Internet service was not stable and was expensive. Other advanced software such as Google meet or Zoom did not exist. Consequently, student’s experience of the online Quran classes was not great. Classes were frequently disrupted and the tutors or admins had little control over it.

But now we are in 2020. Technology has advanced beyond measures and so the experience of online Quran learning. Today, online Quran classes are way better than face to face classes in every aspect. They are engaging and interactive. Audio/video-sharing software has improved and new ones have introduced. Internet speed has improved tremendously and there is a shift towards learning online.

When you register for online Quran learning, you are offered free trial lessons for 3 days or one week. This is to give you an opportunity to evaluate everything before paying for regular lessons. In case, the tutor or the teaching method or the whole idea to learn Quran online does not turn up to your expectations, you can cancel it without any obligations.

The way these online Quran academies conduct their classes is that they use screen and audio/video sharing software such as Zoom or Skype. Some academies have also developed their own learning management systems that include a whiteboard with all the drawing tools, a student’s lesson, his homework, his progress report, etc.  The tutor shares a Quran page with the student so that both the tutor and the student can see the same page on their computer screens. The tutor reads from the page using pointers and drawing tools while the student listens. Then the student reads and the tutor listens correcting any mistakes he/she makes. For greater engagement, the tutor and student can turn on their webcams to see each other and create a sense of physical human interaction.

Online Quran classes are just like classroom classes with the added advantage of undivided attention as they are one on one. Students can ask questions and tutors can assign home works. For kids, tutors send regular progress reports to their parents to keep them updated. There are also tests and exams meant to gauge the student’s progress and understanding. In no way, learn Quran online is less effective than face to face classes. In fact, they offer additional advantages which we are going to discuss below.

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What are the Advantages of Learning Quran Online?

Online Quran learning provides advantages that traditional classes can’t. From convenience, flexibility, effectiveness, and cost, they are better in every aspect. It’s not only the need of the day but highly advisable to learn Quran online. Below are the major advantages you get when you go for online Quran classes.


This is the number one reason and the most obvious advantage why people prefer digital mediums for their learning needs. Its convenience is unprecedented to the extent that one can find the best tutor within minutes and start learning while sitting at home. It frees one from the unthinkable traffic hassle and going out in scorching heat or chilling cold. Learning online allows one to learn whatever they want without even going out. Learning can’t be simpler and easier than this.


Unlike classroom learning that requires a fixed time and schedule; online learning is flexible enough to let you pick your own convenient schedule. If you work full time or a housewife and can’t follow a rigid schedule, online learning is the only solution. Just pick the days and time that you find the most convenient and you are good to go. Also, as the classes are one on one, if you miss a class due to whatever reason, you can ask for makeup. If you have enrolled your kids to learn Quran online, you can see them learning in front of you. This type of flexibility had never been imagined.

Apart from schedule flexibility, there is flexibility and diversifications when it comes to online Quran courses. You can choose any Quran course that you feel the need for. You have the flexibility to pick a course according to your level. For example, if you are a complete beginner, you can start from Qaida to know the basics and get prepared to learn Quran. If you are non-Arabic and want to understand the Quran with meanings, you can go for an online Tafseer course to know the real message of the Quran.

Undivided attention

This one is simple and obvious. The one on one nature of the online classes makes it possible for every student to get equal attention. For tutors too, it’s possible to teach every student according to his/her learning ability and personal traits. They know what are each student’s weaknesses and key mistakes and thus can focus on them. Online Quran classes make it possible for tutors to provide tailored tutoring. This is the reason online learning is much fast as compared to the traditional way of learning. Students who learn Quran online finish their courses in much less time than those who learn in physical centers. Data from online Quran academies testify to this.


Online Quran learning is cost-effective. First, because it allows students to finish their course quickly and second because it does not incur rent and other operational expenses. For example, a conventional learning center has to pay rent and bear electricity and management expenses while online learning has no such costs. Most online Quran academies charge $30 to $50 a month with no additional charges and you get to finish your basic Quran reading course in less than a year. On the other hand, face-to-face classes charge over $50 a month with extra traveling costs and they take over 2 and sometimes 3 years for you to be able to read Quran with Tajweed. It’s crystal clear that learning Quran online is cost-effective.

That’s all you needed to know about learn Quran online with Tajweed. Thanks to technology that has made Quran learning so easy. With so much convenience, no one has any excuse not to learn the Quran. For a Muslim, It’s not only essential but mandatory to learn Quran online. Only by learning and understanding the Quran can he lead an educated, successful, and happy life.

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