How Digital Technologies and Sports Betting have Evolved Together

The way sports and digital technologies have evolved over the years they’ve had a notable impact on the peripheral industries such as sports betting and sports-related investments as well.

The technologies we are witnessing in the present times are not just helping athletes in improving their training routines and on-field performances, but are also significantly enhancing the experience of spectators/viewers.

With more and more states in America legalising Internet-based sports betting, the digital tech advancements made in the decade gone by are already having a great impact on the sports betting industry. These improvements are making the lives of both bookmakers and punters easier than before. In fact, today you can bet online with the best betting portals which are making the most of these technologies, and are delivering optimum betting experience to the punters.

The earlier years

Majority of the sports betting used to happen on laptops/desktops during the earlier years of Internet-based betting services. This was a time when mobile devices weren’t as mainstream as they are today. However, the advancements in the online and digital technologies opened up a great multitude of opportunities, disrupting the broadcasting industry and facilitating the creation of an entirely new category of bets.

Many more innovations happened thereafter, with help from major sports broadcasters like ESPN whose sole intent was to enhance the viewing experience of the people. With the launch of online casinos in 1994, sports betting portals also became a reality thereafter. But owing to the constraints related to Internet speed and computer processing, these websites had a simple and crude appearance. Regardless, they laid just the right foundation for growth and innovation in this space, something that continues to happen even to this day.

The boom era

Sports technology grew by leaps and bounds in the years that followed. Both computers as well as Internet got better with time, delivering great speeds and performance. It won’t be wrong to state that digital technologies affected the biggest changes in the sports betting industry. With powerful devices in their hands, punters could now access performance-related data in real time. All this was complemented by innovations in the fields of media communication, sports equipment, sports format, sports clothing and more. People were now using high-end iPhones and android mobiles to consume all types of content, even when on the move. The athletes could now get precise measurements regarding their performances, and could work on their skills accordingly. Therefore, the past 15 years were definitely a boom era for both sports as well as the sports betting industry.

Sports betting through mobile phones

With smartphones came the convenience of sports betting at any time of the day/night, from anywhere in the world. Punters could check the odds for Sports Betting NY matches online or through apps and place wagers on any sport they wanted at a time and place that was convenient for them. In fact, mobile betting has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years and is rapidly replacing offline sportsbooks everywhere. With 5G technology around the corner, people can hope for another major leap in their punting experience in the near future.

What more can be expected in the times to come?

More and more businesses are employing big data for accurately predicting the outcomes of not just the financial markets, but sports events too. This tech is another one which is expected to majorly impact the Internet-based sports betting industry.


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