An Authoritative Overview Of Avast Cyber Capture

An Authoritative Overview Of Avast Cyber Capture

There are countless types of Antiviruses used in modern days. The rise in the magnitude of internet threats has led to many companies venturing into antivirus development.

One of the most common antiviruses in the market today is Avast. It is preferred by many computer users due to its effectiveness.

Far from the effectiveness of Avast antivirus, it comes with several features that users need to be well aware of. Among the sensitive features that the antivirus has, is the Avast cyber capture that is designed to counter threats before they could gain access to your computer.

The feature swings to action by blocking any suspected file and sending it to the Avast threats lab.

What happens in the lab, is that the suspected file is analyzed and later a report given on its security status.

With Avast running in default settings, the Cyber capture feature is like the security officer on the entrance of certain premises that ensures a thorough search for every suspected file.

With all these in place, no file baring any threat can be allowed to gain access to your computer, and this way, your documents, and the entire computer are kept safe.

There comes a time that you are sure of the content of a certain file that cyber capture is blocking. Well, in such scenarios you can allow the file through these regulations by selecting the ‘’run anyway’ option available on a dialog box.

Similarly, you may configure automatic options via settings. This will automatically treat detected files as you wish.

A security status report is always generated and sent the moment the Avast lab is done with the analysis. If the file happens to be free from any threat, then it is allowed to run. If the file is confirmed to carry malicious threats, then it is blocked completely from running. With such scenarios, it is highly advisable to execute a deep scan in case it had caused any threat.

Procedure for Configuring the Avast Cyber Capture Feature

Did you know that you can choose what happens to the files that cyber capture detects as suspected automatically? Well, Avast settings contain an option through which you may choose and configure the point of action.

The steps involved are as follows;

  • Click on the menu bar under the Avast interphase on your computer. Under the menu bar, select Settings.
  • There is a protected area to the left, under which you should now click on core shields.
  • By scrolling downwards, you will come across an option under which you can enable or disable capture technology. Tick the box labeled ‘’ask me about decision’’ to complete your configuration.

By changing the default settings, you deprive the cyber capture of the authority to block and direct suspected files to the Avast lab. This way, you should not expect a security status notification concerning such files.

What are the Possibilities of Deactivating Cyber Capture?       

Through Avast settings, it is possible to deactivate the cyber capture as this is just an option. All that should be clear is that, by disabling the cyber capture, all files, clean and unclean will have a clear way into your computer.

On the other hand, letting the cyber capture run on default settings is a sure way that no strange file will be let through without being scrutinized by the Avast lab.

All the same, if the need to have the cyber capture deactivated is inevitable, then the process can be executed in the following steps.

  • Click on the menu and then select settings under the Avast interphase on your computer.
  • This will generate a window that has a button labeled options. Click on that button and then select the core shield.
  • From the list of items displayed on the next menu, click on a box labeled ‘’enable cyber capture technology’’. Note that, clicking on the box unticks it meaning that the option is deactivated.


In conclusion, as seen above, cyber capture is an interesting tool that scans files before they are opened to protect your computer from possible threats. Therefore, running your computer with cyber capture deactivated is a great risk.

With this being the case, it is the wrong decision to deactivate the cyber capture option unless the need to do so is very necessary. For such types of informative articles do visit

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