The Top 3 Prank Call Apps For Android!

Below are our top 3 prank call apps for Android, which can be used in practically any situation. Not all prank call apps are the same, so the apps recommended below will all present unique functions which are different from each other.

Whether you want to cause a few jumps scares, fake incoming prank calls or just make a prank call to someone until they lose their mind we have you covered!

Fake Me A Call

This app allows you to fool others in any situation by setting up a fake call.

Perhaps you are with your partner at the dentist and just can’t handle getting that tooth out? 

Schedule an incoming call which is entirely pre-arranged by you giving you an excuse to leave, it’s so effective since there’s no way of realizing it’s a fake call. 

It’s not only practical but also straightforward to use. 

To begin, specify the fake caller and number of your choice and set the time you want the call to take place.

You can choose a custom fake call voice that can answer you during the call, there will be animated answers and decline sliders making the phone conversation authentic and natural once you’re on the call. 

Fake screens are also available from a total of 8 different fake calling screens, and once you’ve downloaded the app, it will show as an FMC so the app can’t be identified so easily.  

If you want more you can purchase the Pro version of this app which contains additional app features, some of these include:

– Make a huge custom list of fake callers

– Schedule Fast Fake Calls

– In-line fake caller editing

– Fake call screens which include the SIM operator name

– When in a fake call, have the option to block incoming calls 

– Program time interval buttons for fake calls with custom time intervals

Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks app offers more pre-recordings than you can handle! With a wide array of scenarios to select from. 

Ever wanted to prank the old couple next door asking for their Wifi password? How about scaring your friend to stay away from your girl? This Prankster app offers both and many many more. 

Pre-recordings are fantastic because it saves you the time to plan and execute the call yourself. The average person isn’t experienced in prank calls, so if you want a fun, convenient way to cause prank chaos to download the Ownage Pranks app today! 

One great feature is its ability to anticipate responses and make timely responses, this is automated by the app’s speech recognition technology. This function will no doubt trick most people making them believe it’s a real person, especially if they are not expecting a prank call. 

To begin, choose a pre-recording which will be categorized into different scenario groups such as VIP, Dating and Love, Top Performing, Neighbours, Family and many more. 

Enter the number you wish to call, send then listen. A recording of the phone call will be saved so you can share it with your buddies.

You can also submit your best pranks to the Pranks hall of fame, where daily submissions are made by Ownageprank app users. The top-performing apps are featured, so give it a go, and you may be featured yourself. 

Prank calls are made using your Wifi and not with your phone company, ensuring your caller ID will not be at risk of being discovered. It will also appear as an unknown caller when the person being pranked sees their phone. 

Scary Prank- Scare your Friends With Prank Ghosts

In the landscape of prank call apps, this is one of the more unique and outstanding apps you should consider downloading.

When it runs, it appears, at first sight, just to be just a game making it unsuspecting for your victim but that’s where the fun comes in. 

To begin, simply run the app and give your phone to the person you want to scare, recommending that they should play the game. 

It will appear as a Math game and once it is is being played, a ghost will suddenly appear along with a loud scream. 

This will no doubt guarantee a jump scare as the person playing will be concentrating on solving math. Put the volume on maximum for best results. 

Like other prank call apps, there is an automated record function that will record your victim’s face when the ghost appears.

If the reaction is hilarious and worth sharing, you can do that also. Share the prank video with on platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many more. 

You can also join the app’s community and watch other people’s recordings, while also uploading your own. 

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