Relation Between Laptops and Male Reproductive Health

As their name implies, a laptop is meant to be used on your lap. It’s convenient for use on the desk, but for people who are constantly on the move, they often use the laptop in the lap. If you do this often, there’s a possibility that your reproductive health will be affected. Some people say that it can, but others argue that it’s just an opinion held by alarmists who seek to create controversy. It is assumed that high temperature could affect sperm. Exposing sperm to WiFi radiation could also decrease their motility. In other words, sperms will swim sluggishly. Radiation could also cause DNA fragmentation, which will damage sperms. So, your testicles will be directly affected by your laptop and constant radiation.

However, it doesn’t mean that using laptops directly on your lap will make you infertile. So, it doesn’t mean that you should ban laptops from your lap. More studies need to be conducted before any evidence can be proven as fact. It means that if you ask your doctor whether laptop could harm your reproductive health, then he may say no, due to the lack of evidence. Whether you should stop using laptops on your laps, it’s a decision that’s best left up to each computer user. However, if you are already struggling with fertility issue, then you could be more vulnerable to detrimental effects of laptops. If you are planning to get your spouse conceive a baby, then you should avoid any risk. So, it’s better safe than sorry. Before ditching your laptop from your lap altogether, these are other things to consider:

  • Disable Wi-Fi before using laptop on your lap: Wi-Fi antenna will be placed near your reproductive organs, so try to get connected in the old fashioned way, such as using Ethernet cable.
  • Put laptop bag on your lap: This way, laptop won’t be directly in contact with your lap. The laptop will also be elevated and it’s a more ergonomic position. Your head will be in a more natural position and you won’t feel tired as quickly. With improved posture, strain on your arm and neck will be reduced.
  • Put your laptops on the desk: If there’s a desk nearby, you should put your laptop there. Working on a solid surface is also more convenient.

Use wireless keyboard: Even when you put the laptop on the desk, it could still be quite close to your reproductive organs. To put more distance between you and the laptop, you should use a wireless keyboard. Based on studies, radiation field of a laptop is the strongest at about one foot around it. So, with a wireless keyboard, you can put your laptop at least a couple feet away from your reproductive organs.

Consume proper nutrients: There are vitamins and other nutrients that can keep your reproductive organs active and healthy. Choose healthy food and products that contain acetyl l carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. These substances will improve the functions of your organs on a cellular level.

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