PhotoBulk -An Ideal Tool in Processing Photos in Bulk

Today let us talk about one such editing application that helps us to edit photos in bulk. It has been developed by Eltima Software Company. However, the programs of this type are quite tough to design. It is better to stick between the perfect balance that exists between simplicity and functionality. If it is found that the photo is filled with settings then it will always contradict to process of fast processing. If there are fewer settings the user can do the work simply. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate each option carefully. Now let us go deep into the subject of Photobulk.


In many cases, it is found that the interface of the program is quite easier and simple. It always has a modern and dark look. All the features that are used by the users are usually found on the left of the user-interface. They are easily available with a single click. The user has to drag the desired number of photos and drop them to the photobulk editing window and then choose the editing feature that they want. At the same time, the user can also see the photos at the bottom and they can finally see it in the Preview mode.


The process of watermarking is very easy and it can be done by anyone. The app will offer to choose the text, image or script overlay. Each of the watermarks can be customized as per the wish of the user. This is a great thing. The user can conveniently use any combination that they require. They can also live to view the image that has been done after editing and before making the final one. It is a very nice and helpful tool for users.

Resizing and optimization:

If you are uploading your photos to different web resources, then it should be optimized and resized. Optimization is mainly done without changing the quality of the photo. But in the case of resizing the user is given to choose 5 options in respect of width, height, percentage, free size, and the maximum size. Thanks to the filmstrip that allows the user to see the changes just at the bottom of the screen. It will help the user to give a new look to the photos that they have been long thinking to do. This is a great opportunity before the people who want some changes in their photos.

Apart from this, the user can also save all their favorite settings to presets and then reuse them at a convenient time and process. You can do the same while watching your favorite show on TV or at the time of having a cup of coffee or tea. In short, photobulk is a time saving app that has helped millions of people all across the world. Thus photo editing is no longer a tough job but the one that can be highly enjoyed by the people.

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