Locking Down Your Laptop With Kensington Lock

Laptops are great devices and they can help people to stay productive wherever they are. If you are a business traveller, you often take your laptop everywhere. After all, laptops are meant to be picked up with ease. It’s portable, valuable and desirable for many people, including thieves. Even if these thieves have no interest in your personal data, if your laptop is expensive enough, they will try to sell it. Because people are often busy and get distracted, it’s easy for them to leave their laptops for a couple of minutes or more. If you are using a company laptop, the replacement cost can be prohibitive for you. The loss of documents and other material on your laptop can be even more devastating. It means that all of your work could be lost forever, especially because thieves are good in disappearing and covering their tracks.

For this reason, you should prevent your computer from being snatched away. A common feature in many laptops is the Kensington lock socket. It’s a metal reinforced socket, placed in the back or side of your laptop. The Kensington lock is essentially a metal and rubber cable that you can insert into the socket. So, your laptop will be secured in place. On the other end, the cable has a loop that you can pass around any fixed objects, like heavy furniture. Some offices have handle-like objects on the well that can be used for Kensington cable. When choosing a lock, you may find differences in the length and type of the cable. These products are named after the Kensington Computer Products Group, their designers. You should know that Kensington may not be completely theft-proof. However, thieves always try to work in a split second and then flee the scene. With Kensington lock in place, it will take much longer for them to grab the laptop. As an example, the thief can still lift the heavy furniture and remove the loop. However, this will attract too much attention.

So, when the office room is empty and everyone goes out to get lunch, a thief could still grab the laptop. The cable could also still be cut by a big, powerful wire cutter. But again, this will attract too much attention. Although this may sound cruel, Kensington lock may discourage thieves to grab your laptop and they will choose laptops that are not secured. Kensington locks are also ideal for use in retail showrooms, which are open to public uses. Even at home, locked-down laptop will be quite convenient. Parents may prevent children from grabbing the laptop to their room. Also, there are cases of thefts at home.  Kensington locks are quite affordable and they are quite easy to use. It should allow you to save a great deal. It’s a great investment and you should have one for protecting your laptop.

You can purchase Kensington lock cable on online stores or computer stores near you. When purchasing online, you can choose models that are most appropriate for you.

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