How to nail CompTIA A+ cert exam in the first attempt

Clear Exam

Exam, itself is a scary word. It can get palms sweat of the nerds too. So, if you are looking forward to sitting in an exam and are nervous, we understand your anxiety. However, as far as we have approached exams, one thing that we have learned is that mostly the hardest part of preparing yourself for the exam is to actually know where to begin with. Once you have got your hands on the right learning resources and understood the whole process of learning, you are only one exam away from success.

So, if you are looking forward to getting CompTIA A+ certification but are terrified about the exam part, relax!!

To be honest, computers are not as simple as they seem to be when you operate them. Also, it is very difficult to find the right learning resources to get this CompTIA certification like books, practice exams, study guides, videos, and more. And if you are not sure what could be on the exam and how to be prepared, wasting a good amount of money only to attempt an exam is useless.

The fear of not passing the exam is strong and then comes the embarrassment. We can feel how it works as we have been there ourselves many times in our life. We understand passing an exam without proper guidance is hard but once you have someone to guide you, it becomes a piece of a cake. Especially when you are ambitious to not only pass the exam but get the job and kick start your career as a certified computer technician.

Tips to pass CompTIA A+ exam in one go

Calm yourself down. The process of learning and finally passing the exam shouldn’t be intimidating. To help you out, we have added this guide especially for the candidates who are about to appear in the exam to get CompTIA A+ certified. If you will follow these tips, get prepared, we are sure that passing the exams will become a cakewalk. Continue reading to find out the best tips to pass CompTIA A+ exams; both 220-1001 and 220-1002, in the first attempt.

Know What You Need to Know – Exam Objectives

You will be stunned with the number of individuals who appear for the CompTIA A+ 1001 and 1002 Exam without putting in the effort to just read the test objectives. You can find these objectives on CompTIA official website under each certification provided by the Computing Technology Industry Association. They are simple to understand and each and every skill is listed to learn and pass the exams. Not exclusively do these give a look into what can be found on the test, they are extraordinary windows into the universe of CompTIA A+ exams. The tests are refreshed generally at regular intervals and constantly drop old heritage things from the required information just as look forward toward new Tech. A decent sign you can finish the exam is the point at which you feel certain you can do every one of the objectives spread out by CompTIA.

Get your hands on a study guide

Another thing that you should do while preparing yourself for CompTIA A+ exam is to gather the best study guides. You can subscribe to CompTIA A+ online course, get CompTIA A+ certification training free of cost from renowned experts, or even buy a CompTIA course. These courses not only give you different learning resources but also encourages you to study more comprehensively since you will be investing a small chunk of money.

Learn Online

The web is loaded with helpful and informative blogs and videos that help in understanding how PCs are built. Many industry experts release many articles and videos related to the subject through YouTube and different outlets on CompTIA Certs and PCs as a rule. You can literally search and find different videos and articles answering your queries online. All you have to do is to inquire what is bothering you and boom, the internet is there for you to answer.

Take Practice Exams

It’s always better to take practice exams online. However, keep this in mind that practice exams don’t necessarily have the same questions as you will see on the final test. But these questions are always relevant and prepares you for the exam. Taking these practice exams also help you in time management, stress management, and how to efficiently answer the most questions within the provided time.

Learn from Experts

Believe us or not, there are many kind individuals on the internet and in real life who are the most welcoming when it comes to answering your queries and concerns. You can easily find these experts on the community section of different IT training websites, CompTIA’s official website, and even on social platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook. There you can also find many individuals who give free CompTIA online training and help candidates like you to learn and prosper. Besides many organizations also spend a huge amount of money on training sessions by their experts to get their hands on the potential experts of the future, which could be you as well. So, this means you are not only getting free training from experts but also a possible job or internship too.

Set up a test lab and build a PC for yourself

Nothing sets you up more for a test than fixing a PC and going through the working framework to figure out it. A test lab is anything but difficult to set-up and requires almost no cash. Actually, any laptop or desktop will do. A potential test lab would contain, a laptop or a desktop, a switch, a router, and a present OS secured by the 220-1001 and 220-1002 Exams. With this essential set-up, you can begin to rehearse for the exam. Also, having your own test lab and building your own PC is one of the most remunerating experiences one can get in IT. So, what’s stopping you from getting this delightful practical experience. Just set up your lab and build your PC. Here we will end our article with profound hope and faith that we have at least put that little fire in you to be prepared for your next exam and nail it confidently. All you need is the right resources, dedication, and will power to get your hands on the certification.

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