How to Improve On-Premise Help-Desk Management

Many larger businesses have an on-premise help desk management system. However, there can still be issues here as there may be only a few IT workers. If you need to get back online as soon as possible, you might not be able to do so if your computer’s issue is not “critical”. Without the right help desk management, office productivity can plummet and the IT workers can become overwhelmed. Here are some ways you can improve the on-premise help desk management software for your business.

Add a Self-Help Portal

The first thing you should add to your helpdesk software is a self-help portal. When an employee has an issue with their computer, this should be the first place they check. The self-help portal should contain guides to a number of common issues the computers might have plus step-by-step guides on the best practices to fix them. These guides should be easy to follow even for those who do not have a good technical knowledge.

When someone has an issue, the guides should be their first port of call. If they complete the steps in them and there is no change, they can then ask for help from a member of the IT staff. However, if they are able to fix the issue for themselves, the overall workload of the IT staff will be lessened greatly.

Add Live Chat

More often than not, a trip to the computer is not needed. Thanks to services like remote access, an IT worker should be able to fix a computer without ever leaving their own office. However, they will first need to be able to communicate with the co-worker in need. The best way to do this is with a live-chat function built into the help desk software.

This allows the two to chat in real time to properly identify the issue. Screenshots can even be sent back and forth to ensure that everything is being handled correctly. It is a clear and concise way to discuss issues and resolve them.

Add Ticketing

One of the most important parts of a help desk management software is the ticketing. If you are using a system which does not have ticketing software, you need to make that upgrade as soon as possible. Ticketing helps to prioritise incoming IT requests. If a request comes in which is more urgent than the others, the system will reorganise so the urgent request will be dealt with more swiftly. It is a key part of help desk management and it can streamline the day to day activities of your IT workers.

These are some great additions to your help desk management software. If you feel like your current software does not do the job, additions such as those mentioned above could greatly improve it. Take a look at your current help desk software and try to work out what some of its shortcomings are. It might be easier than you think to find something which can create the perfect ticketing system for your company.

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