Technology is constantly changing. And because of this, the way that companies communicate with their consumers is changing as well. Marketing and explainer videos represent relatively new ways for companies express their ideas to the masses. No two videos are the same, and with the evolving technology that goes into making these videos, new trends emerge as far as what is popular and eye-catching.


Animated explainer videos have become the ultimate marketing tool, especially for tech companies. They break down a complicated concept into smaller, easy-to-understand, fun videos. These videos are usually bright, informative and engaging. The tech industry, in particular, is known for using these videos for quite a few different things, including:

Product explanations
Customer service videos
Product demonstration
FAQ videos

The hard part about creating an enticing video that someone will watch ALL the way through is just that: creating something that will be watched all the way through. With the way that today’s world works, if you don’t completely capture someone’s attention within the first ten seconds of a video, then you have lost that impression. Your explainer/marketing videos need to incorporate a call to action within the entertaining aspects to keep your viewer engaged and ready to reach out to you for more information.


That is completely up to you, your business and your brand. There are many options to choose from, but not all are created equally.

Whiteboard Animation: this older form of animation video has become widely used by many companies and brands due to one reason: simplicity. These videos are relatively easy to create and are entertaining. A few years ago on YouTube, these videos were everywhere! And they are still relevant to this day.

2D Animation: Although this is seen as one of the simplest forms of animation, that may be what makes it a great option for an explainer video. It’s relatively easy to create and user-friendly. But it is still extremely important to incorporate your brand and style and also make it unique and eye-catching.

3D Animations: 3D animations are definitely more complex than the other two options, so they need to be carefully created and organized. But 3D animations will give your video an entirely different look and feel.

Motion Graphics Animation: Defined as “an animation that creates the illusion of motion or rotation, and is usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.” These types of videos are simple, eye-catching and can be formatted to the user’s needs.


Using animation for your videos allows for a smarter, new-age type of production. It will help you appear leagues ahead of the competition if done correctly. We all remember those old(er) infomercial-type videos that have someone standing in front of a camera, talking about the benefits of working with them. Research shows that people just are not drawn to these types of videos anymore. Your videos need to be versatile. We also have the power of social media at our fingertips now, so having a video that encourages sharing across various forms of social media is essential.

Animated videos can take your company to a new level in regards to increasing your reach and social impressions if done correctly. Technology is changing by the minute, and animators are able to do new and brilliant things all the time to get your company name and brand out there to the masses.


There are three main trends that are set to hit this year when it comes to animated videos and technology. They include:

Interactive videos: Having an interactive video takes it from being a passive experience to more of an active viewing experience. Having an area within the video that drives clicks to your website, a survey or a further explanation of what you are speaking about allows a small but meaningful interaction with your potential customer.

Micro-videos: Instagram has changed the way we look at videos. With the advance of the short, 30-seconds-or-less video, people are looking for as much info in as little time as possible. These micro-videos are easy to produce and have been proven over and over again to hold people’s attention.
Mobile videos: Did you know that two-thirds of people consume video material through a handheld device? So it’s no wonder that companies are now turning to “mobile videos.” These videos have been adapted by adding a call to action button to the video and also avoiding the use of small graphics and text, keeping it bright, engaging and fun.

In conclusion, animation is making big strides in all forms of business. Take a look on YouTube, or even just your regular daytime television commercials, and you’ll see animation everywhere. It attracts people to your brand, keeps consumers engaged, and the technology needed to create one of these videos is getting more and more user-friendly.

What is your favorite animated explainer video, marketing video or commercial? Let us know in the comments below.

Author bio: Ashley Cusson is a mom of 5 who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her love for the creation of all things has brought her into her freelancing and blog writing career. She believes that there is a place for all of the beautiful things in this world.

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