How Store Locator Functionality Can Compliment Your E-commerce Business

Every e-commerce site relies on traffic, whether it comes to purchase or find relevant information, traffic is one metric that no online merchant can refuse. However, with several optimizations, organic and paid, there are other methods as well that have proven quite beneficial in generating traffic for online stores. One of them is the Store Locator extension.

Store Locator extensions work by helping customers find the nearest physical location of the store by clicking on the driving directions from the website. Since many customers use different buying methods to have their product delivered, the physical store location matters significantly. Customers often use store pick up options to save on shipping costs and the delivery time. Since the Magento 2 store locator extension is integrated with Google Maps, the directions shown are accurate and help the customer easily find the store without searching for directions.

Moreover, the store locator extension creates a separate listings page for each of your stores listed on the map where you can mention your store name, opening timings, list of products available and other important details that you feel necessary. Since this information is not available through any other sources, customers are compelled to visit your website and learn about these details. In the following paragraphs, we are going to take you step by step on how Store Locator extension’s features can help you get more traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Customizable Store Locator Page

As we mentioned earlier how you can add specific details about your store, you can also customize your store locator page by changing its page title, subheadings, and even URL. To get a better reception from search engines, you can optimize its SEO settings and enable footer links with custom anchor text. This improves your store’s crawlability on search engines, increasing traffic and generating more conversions.

Dedicate Page for Each Store

With a dedicated store for every page, you can add your store title and a custom description along with special discounts or offers that are only available for that particular store. This entices customers to visit your website and learn about different products that you have put on sale.

Search Stores by Address

This feature allows merchants to set store search by its address. When customers visit a store they often search for stores based on their addresses or nearby landmarks. This will also work for search engines. For example, when a customer searches for your store on Google, the store page with your preset address will show up on the search results, further increasing your store traffic.

Set Default Map Zoom, Latitude & Longitude

Many listings websites and directories use unreliable sources to list businesses on the map. As a result, when the customers try to visit the store the address does not match up and the customer loses faith in the brand. With store locator extension you can pinpoint your store location on Google Maps with default latitude and longitude to display specific area on the map. This makes your store an authentic source to find store addresses, giving customers another compelling reason to visit your website.

Rank Your Store Pages with SEO Optimization

Talking of SEO, Store Locator extension provides some of the best features to get your store ranked on Google SERPs without going into any complicated methods. You can set meta title and description for store locator page and add meta title and description for each store page

Allow Customers to Filter Stores by Radius

You can configure advanced options and add search filters to help customers find their nearest stores based on their current location. The search radius can be increased or decreased as per your preferences allowing customers to set their defined area of search and find stores within the distance of the radius. Customers who need to find a store location within their current position will be more inclined to visit your store and find their relevant store.

Final Takeaway

Store locator extension is a great tool that you can use to supplement your online traffic and increase your store conversions. It gives you a great list of features, a stellar user experience, and makes a sound proposition for your online store. It’s a must-have!


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