How It Feels To Be College Student in New York

Being a student in New York or any matching city is very interesting and challenging. On one side you feel nervous because you are a student. From other side you are in a metropolis city and this fact can be challenging on itself. How does it feel to be a college student in such a big city as New York or Newark? You have so many opportunities for study! Also, you have always much to do and see. Should you take a car from Sixt car rental in Newark airport for traveling with friends? Living in the city that never sleeps means you will never have problems with renting cars and places to visit. But…is it possible for a college student to live, study, and experience environment without breaking the bank?

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The things you will experience while attending college in a big city:

  • You live in the city that never sleeps

That is true. Big city never sleeps. While you are young and ambitious you feel comfortable in a big city, Sometimes, you feel tired from a noisy life, especially after a hard day and busy night. You have to learn to ignore circumstances and get some rest every time you feel you need it.

  • You have many friends to visit

Living in a big city makes you a popular person to visit. Honestly, you don’t have much time for visiting friends. But they can’t stop visiting you. You should be ready to meet your friends, relatives even if they come to visit you unannounced. The point is your city attracts tourists. As a rule, tourists are looking for a way to stay in the city for free. That’s why they knock at your door all the time.

  • Clubs and promoters

Newark is a city of night clubs, restaurants, cafes. You noticed that your mail is always full of advertising flyers. The streets are full of noisy promoters looking to get you into their clubs. They don’t care if you are free or not. They do their job. They can’t stop e-mailing and calling you. Just don’t answer and ignore them on your way to college.

  • Street life is going on

The big city is a place where something is going on all the time. You may never know what will happen next time. The streets and parks are full of performing people, street cafes, musicians, mime artists. They are performing for money. They have different clothes, hairstyle and color. Does it seem weird for you? Never mind. Be ready that the big city is a unique combination of different cultures.

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After a year of sturdy at NEWARK or any other big city you threw out:

  1. Half your wardrobe

You want to look cool so that you take all your sweaters and T-shirts. Are you going to change your look every day? Being a busy student you can see that a pair of jeans and a couple of sweaters are enough to feel comfortable. Anyway, you can buy clothes you like or even got it for free.

  1. Half your makeup

Believe it or not, people try to look natural and accent their beauty, not make it up. You don’t need bright colors. The eyeliner and lipstick is enough. Want to look exotic? Add eyeshadows.

  1. Most of your high school pictures

Of course, you want to have something to remember your school years. That’s so cool! But things change, people change. Even your friends change. You shouldn’t throw all the pictures. But soon, you’ll have new interests and new friends. And that’s ok to go forward and never look back.

Two in a row


  1. Vacuum cleaner

Are you used to live in clean environment? Don’t you think that a vacuum cleaner is overloading? Anyway, when you really need it you can rent it.

  1. Excess school supplies

It means that you don’t need so many binders, pens, and other office equipment in the college. Can you live without crayons? Of course, you can.

  1. Books

That’s so cool that you like reading and find of books. Are you sure you need all those books in your bag? First of all, busy student life makes you read specific literature. Secondly, every time you want to read a book for your soul, you can take it from the college library. There is no need to take all your favorite books from home.

364/365 - March 18, 2009


  1. Plates and bowls

It can be really challenging to wash dishes that often. It’s also a big challenge to wash a coffee cup! Paper bowls and plates can help you to save the situation.

burger in its wrapping


  1. Sewing kit

Do you know how to sew? If you don’t, there is no need to take a sewing kit. Anyway, it doesn’t take much space in your luggage.

  1. Posters, wall pictures, excessive decorations

It’s so nice to decorate your room walls with posters and other pictures. But not every inch of the wall needs to be covered.

  1. Pillows

It sounds weird but all those cute little pillows just got tossed to the floor. Student’s room is not a hotel suite. There is no enough space for pillows, carpets. Sometimes, you don’t even have time to make your bed.

Student life is really interesting. You have to work hard all the time. Don’t forget to take some rest from time to time. Look around! You have a lot of opportunities living in a big city. You can hang out in the cafe with friends, go traveling, or even have a picnic in the city park.

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