How are Advanced Technologies Changing Android App Development?

Mobile phones today do a lot more than connect people; they are almost as powerful as computers – and an extension of ourselves. From shopping to banking transactions from transferring data to working, they serve a lot of purposes. So much so, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives which is why app development companies are in high demand today

Android is the most popular OS for Smartphones the world over. With major advances in technology, Android app development has in some ways become easier, and programmers are able to create more sophisticated apps.

With smartphones becoming cheaper by the day, the number of users demanding Android apps has skyrocketed, which is why every android app development company is having a hay time in staying current with industry requirements.

Emerging Technologies that An Android App Development Company Must Embrace

  •         AR, VR & AI: Developers are incorporating technologies like Augmented reality, virtual reality, AI and more, to make browsing, gaming, and shopping experiences on the android platform more enjoyable. Sophisticated technology like blockchain is also being used to increase security, and for facilitating transactions in virtual currency through mobile devices.
  •         IoT: Android Thing facilitates migration to IoT, resulting in numerous IoT Android apps. This helps users to monitor connected things or track vehicles in the supply chain in real-time even when on the go, and get accurate information so that remedial and appropriate action can be taken in time.
  •         Android Auto has made it easy to integrate Smartphones with cars, this helps users to access their phones via the dashboard display in their cars, and can make hands-free calls, read SMS and emails, or play songs from their playlists when they are driving.
  •         Firebase: This helps Android app development professionals to create apps that work smoothly on various platforms. It is also useful with app analytics, and developers have also created a messaging app based on this technology.
  •         Fabric: This platform, now acquired by Google, works in conjunction with Google to perform crash reporting, app analysis and more. Android app development services use Fabric for easier analytics activities for Android apps.
  •         Security: As hackers become cleverer, security technology for Android apps has also become more stringent. Developers today add multiple layers of security like 2 or 3 step verification, and so on, to prevent sensitive information from being compromised.

In order to stay up to date with the emerging android app trends, every Android app development company is trying to embrace each of these technologies to stay ahead of the race. However, at the same time, they need to be on their toes to incorporate many more such technologies that are on the anvil and are all set to further revolutionize android app development.

Portable devices

The laptop has changed our lives today. Just when we thought that making portable technology was incredible, the portable technology brought the portability and thus the development of Android applications to new heights. Whether it’s health labels or more general sports and fitness brands around us – the laptop with different sensors has become very common.

And then there are apps that support such devices. These applications are designed so that their algorithm works with the portable device to get the result of the information you were looking for directly on your mobile screen. Therefore, developers of Android applications almost always want to work with such technology.

Beacon technology

One of the most amazing applications of what was initially only available for iOS devices, Beacon technology is now made by almost all developers of Android applications. It is a recent trend that impresses with the development of Android apps.

One of the most recognized features of this technology is that it can easily follow a location and its multifunctionality. One of the most common uses of Beacon technology is to detect any kind of danger, in hotels rather than traditional hotel room keys, to improve customer relations at airports of certain airlines and to detect temperature from a particular location, and even some of the biggest retailers.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Today, it is the hype about augmented reality and virtual reality that people specifically want to hire Android application developers, making mobile application technology even higher. However, we can never say that the hype is for naught. Augmented reality and virtual reality are really the cornerstones of the technology we use today.

With VR, you can create a whole new type of reality for end users. It is an advanced technology that a person can experience a situation like real life by stimulating his hearing and vision. It is widely used in areas such as movies (to make 3D movies), games, entertainment, flight simulators for pilots, etc. AR, on the other hand, stimulates a person’s hearing, feeling and smell, causing them to get a little confused about what is real and what is not.

The development of Android applications has therefore found the use of AR in various areas, such as games, video creation, and even the medical field, to help treat PTSD (PTSD) or perform surgeries. remote control etc.

Direct apps

We also have instant apps developed by Google’s Android app developers. If you never need an app until you finish a particular task, the app stays put and you eat your phone memory for no reason.

With this direct application technology, you can download only part of the program you need, rather than the entire application with just a single click. It looks like the entire site isn’t loading; only one web page does this at the same time.

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