Creating Business: 6 Inspiring Co-Working Spaces in New York

New York is a huge storm of events, stories and emotions. Co-working centers, offering their visitors not only savings on renting office space, but also provide excellent intellectual programs, are not exception.

The first collaboration space was created by programmer Brad Newberg in 2005 – the place was called the Hat Factory and was located in San Francisco. In New York fashion for the collective workspace came almost immediately.

The main goal of co-working is not just providing a table and chair to those who don’t want to work in an office. In its original idea, co-working is a unique space where numerous people aspiring to create their own business can meet, share ideas and experiences.

The most enchanting co-workings in New York are represented in the following list. If you are interested in some ones, they provide an opportunity to explore them. After arrival at the airport pick up Payless car rental JFK – this is the best way to move around the city. Also, each of the following collaborative spaces has its own parking, which is very convenient when traveling by car.

Alley NYC

The center, which opened its doors for the first time in 2012, offers not only 16 thousand square meters of ideas and inspiration, but also a huge number of useful contacts.

Be sure that you will certainly find a like-minded person there, with whom you can easily and simply start a conversation about a single niche of the market or prospects for its development.

In addition, this center provides its participants with cool ‘happy hours’, within which the center receives wonderful and successful guests. This is the place where human talent, ingenuity and the search for capital come together.


Wix Lounge

This place is suitable not only for entrepreneurs and startupers, but also for novice artists, illustrators, and in general, for all representatives of modern creative professions.

In this place there’s everything you need to make your working day productive: an endless stream of fast Internet, a huge showcase for presenting your works to the public and a stunning coffee machine. What else do you need for work and creativity?

A panoramic view of the Chelsea Hotel, an office of 6 square feet in size, a network with businessmen, a cafe-bar, a common dining table, and everything you need is combined in a beautiful modern working space. And most importantly – everything is completely free of charge!



This is one of the largest co-working centers in New York. In addition to common tables, the design of the working space has separate offices for teams from 1 to 100 people. Common spaces are decorated brightly and colorfully, with the participation of several talented designers.

A nice bonus of work here is a regular selection of pleasant and useful events. Almost everything can happen to you here: a good acquaintance, an amazing meeting, tequila tasting or an insight into a new idea.

Every day there are events in offices that are aimed to help you build and maintain a strong team spirit. For private calls, telephone cabins are available on all floors. Each floor has at least one multi-function copier, scanner and printer. You can taste free organic coffee, tea, juice and even beer in every office. Registration at this center is also quite affordable: the fee is $45 per month.


Bar Works

This co-working center is a real dream for all coffee lovers and the fans of emotional gatherings in a coffee shop. In this place there are all our favorite moments: a charming interior of pleasant shades and calmness, and of course the working atmosphere.

Many members of the club hold meetings, make successful deals and develop their business there. Perhaps this option can be the most attractive for many beginners.


Green Spaces

If you’re involved in a startup in a charitable, public or environmental field, you need to go to Green Spaces. Former Wall Street banker Jenny Nevin decided to create not so much a rental space as an incubator of ideas for improving social life.

Green Spaces very carefully selects startups that are placed in this ‘incubator’. So in case your project will be approved by Green Spaces and you want to find like-minded people – welcome there! The location for the co-working was chosen appropriate. This is the most hipster area of ​​New York – Tribeca.

Even if you are not going to work in Green Spaces, you just have to go there to find new ideas. Indeed, according to the New York Post, all the talents of New York meet there. Renting your own space in Green Spaces costs $35 per day or $550 per month with the right to organize conferences.


The Farm

Co-working space doesn’t have to look super modern to be successful. For example, the Farm in New York, made in the style of a farmhouse, is very popular.

Antique furnishing, dark brick walls, as well as wooden floors and architectural elements create an excellent interior style, making the Farm is just as modern as any other popular co-working space.

Amazon and other market giants are working with it – they would hardly be satisfied with an old-fashioned wooden house with carpets, flowers and pillows.

Behind all these hipster farm interiors are great service and an advanced technology. Here you will find everything you need to work: fast Internet, secretarial services, meeting rooms, conference rooms, printers, scanners and good lighting.

So, while swaying in vintage chairs and being wrapped in motley rugs, local freelancers can safely enjoy all the benefits of civilization. It seems that co-working is not located in New York at all, but the service remains at a level worthy of a thriving metropolis.

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