7 Ways to Protect WordPress from Hacking

There are several Content Management Systems that exist today. WordPress is arguably the best of all. A significant number of websites make use of WordPress.

The reason for this popularity is because of the simplicity and the customizable features that WordPress offers.

Despite its superiority to other Content Management Systems, WordPress security remains a crucial issue of concern and is vulnerable to hackers.

A user must put up appropriate measures to ensure that it is secure.

Find the following seven measures can be considered when it comes to protecting WordPress from hacking.

Make Use of Strong and Secure Passwords

A brute force attack is usually a hacker’s first choice. A hacker will attempt to make guesses of the login details to access WordPress.

Strong and complicated passwords give hackers a hard time in their effort to guess and access WordPress.

The chances are that they won’t manage. You must make your password stronger and more complicated. Strong passwords should have a length of more than ten characters.

It should also combine small and big alphabets, special characters, and numbers. It is also essential to test the strength of your password.

Make Constant Updates to WordPress

Software updates usually come with improved security features. The development team at WordPress often tries to find security weaknesses that could render WordPress vulnerable to hackers.

They will then find ways to make improvements in order to make WordPress secure.

When new updates come, you should take it as a responsibility to upgrade your WordPress as soon as possible.

Updates should base on core version upgrades, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes, which also act as crucial security features.

SSL Certificate:

Installation of an SSL certificate is one of the essential measures you must put in place to protect your WordPress. It plays a crucial role in establishing a secure connection between the WordPress site and its visitors. SSL protocol encrypts sensitive data and information that is transferred between the site and WordPress users.

Without it, data that is being transferred can easily be accessed by unauthorized parties. When choosing SSL security, you should check number of domains for example, if you have unlimited subdomains then, wildcard SSL certificate is best because this single certificate secure main domain and subdomains.

The use of Secure Socket Layer encryption also creates benefits to your website when it comes to google ranking as Google usually rank such websites higher.

 Make Use of a Secure Hosting Server

Your WordPress website security depends so much on the hosting company that you use. An excellent hosting company will ensure that your WordPress website is secure from any form of insecurities. Such hosting companies that will ensure this includes; WP Engine, Flywheel, and SiteGround.

These companies usually do security checks on a routine basis. They also make sure your WordPress website is functioning in an optimal way. You must select a hosting company that offers such encryption services.

Carry Out Regular WordPress Backups

Hackers will always find new tricks and ways to access your WordPress. This is even though you might be doing all it takes to protect it. It is also possible that you may mess up with your WordPress. These instances might lead to the loss of information and data. One way to deal with this is by carrying out regular backups to your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins such as VaultPress can help in creating such backups. One important thing that you should put into consideration is the storage of these backups. Storing all your backups in a single hosting account can be so risky. When hackers successfully access such an account, you will lose all your information. We recommend that you store your backups in a separate account, in the cloud or physical devices like the hard drive.

Use Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a further security feature to your WordPress website. Two-factor authentication is where a user must confirm his identity twice before accessing WordPress. For instance, you must input your login details together with a code that is sent to your email address or phone to complete the login process.

This process usually seems cumbersome, but it is an appropriate security measure to your WordPress. You must be careful with the code and make sure that no malicious people get to access it.

Install WordPress security plugin

Making use of a WordPress security plugin adds more security features to your WordPress website. The security plugins play several roles like scanning, adding firewalls, blocking any form of threats, and preventing brute force attacks to your logins.

There are several WordPress security plugins like Wordfence and Sucuri, which are available for free. These security plugins are usually easy to use.


It is crucial that you protect your WordPress site from any form of insecurities. Doing this is not hard. All you need is to install an SSL certificate and combine it with the other six measures that have been explained here.

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