What is Metaverse & How Could it Affect Your Mental Health

In more recent times, the internet has been inundated with news and information about the metaverse. But what exactly is the metaverse? While the innovative futuristic technology of the metaverse has been around for quite some time, the architecture and platforms for general usage are still very much new. Metaverse enthusiasts will promise you that this latest technological universe is just getting started.

But how does this virtual reality universe affect our mental and physical health? The virtual realm can cause several health risks and mental health difficulties. With that being said, we’re going to look at how the metaverse affects our wellbeing, and if there are some situations in which it might be helpful in the long run.

What is metaverse?

You’ve probably heard of the metaverse, but what precisely is it? Understanding the metaverse is likely to be similar to comprehending the internet in the 1970s. In general, the metaverse represents a transformation in how we engage with technology.

If we consider the internet to be two-dimensional, we can view the metaverse as 3D. It creates an exceptional interaction by utilizing digital personas, or avatars. The metaverse may incorporate the use of virtual reality to provide users with the feeling of being “within” the internet and engaging virtually with other people, items, resources, and locations.

The metaverse’s advantages on mental health

This new technology can provide many benefits to today’s society. It can be used in the entertainment industry for videogames, for informational purposes like browsing through a hotel before you book a room, and much more. It also has one really important purpose and that is to help in the treatment of mental and physical health problems.

One example in the medical field is the VR digital clinic which provides mental health therapy and treatment through virtual reality. This VR therapy can be of great help for people who are on the autistic spectrum or those who have problems with anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Virtual reality treatments can also be of assistance if you need physical therapy or pain management. Technology has also transformed how we can seek and receive professional assistance, as well as support from family and friends, colleagues, and total strangers.

Virtual tourism, for instance, is another industry in which the metaverse can also be useful. Customers will be able to take a virtual hotel stroll in the place they are planning to stay in, via virtual reality platforms thanks to the metaverse. Guests can spend an entire tour of the hotel before booking a stay which can ease their anxiety.

It’s safe to say that the metaverse can bring patients one step closer to the help they ought to seek. Virtual reality companies are working on mental wellness applications for this space, and there is much excitement about the potential benefits that this technology can have on our well-being. One thing that most should agree on is that much more research needs to be done to understand how the metaverse can and will impact our mood and behavior.

Metaverse and its disadvantages

Although technology has many advantages, it can sometimes become overused by individuals which can lead them to alienate themselves from the real world. That’s why we should always have control and set limits on screen time while we are on the internet or while using any kind of technology.

As new technology can make our lives easy, it can also make them rough for some if they abuse it and spend the majority of their day playing videogames in the metaverse or if they spend too much time talking with their friends in the virtual realm of the metaverse instead of in a real-life setting. Sometimes the metaverse can make us believe that everything is okay while spending time in it and make us forget that we have actual lives in the real world and, as every human being, we have problems that need to be addressed and solved.

Final thoughts

The metaverse will usher in a new era of technology, bringing with it a slew of advantages such as reduced carbon footprint, medical improvements, immersive educational experiences, and much more. This new technology may be beneficial in the world of medicine, as VR therapies for mental health problems have shown progress in patients with various health issues. We should be careful how much time we spend using different types of technology, including the metaverse because we can very easily forget about the real world and obsess over the virtual realm of the internet.

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