Types and Advantages of Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are highly efficient and heavy-duty fans that have a heavy-duty airflow device connected to them. These heavy-duty fans are made of highly durable materials and have components that can withstand stringent environments. These are also able to operate longer to provide constant airflow and pressure. The strength of the industrial fans is due to the materials that are used to manufacture them. These include ball or roller bearings, continuous welds, and also housings that are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel.

These HVLS industrial fans also have a wide range of uses. They cool the larger commercial buildings and also provide cooling to the technical assembly operations. Irrespective of the size of the workspace, both the airflow and the circulation are important to maintain the good health of the workers.

Types of industrial fans

There are different types of industrial fans available that vary in the amount of air that can be moved. It depends on the motor that is used in the fan and the area that is to be cooled. It also depends on the other important factors. There are different types of fans available and they can be broadly divided into 2 categories- axial and centrifugal.

The centrifugal fan is similar to that of a blower. This is an enclosed unit and it functions as a pump. It pulls the air by using an impeller that rotates rapidly. Then it pushes it out at 90 degrees.

An axial fan, on the other hand, pulls and blows the air parallel to its axis. It causes the air to transfer outward axially. The amount of airflow and the design of the fan is determined by the blades that the fan has, the fan casing, and the suction nozzle.

Advantages of using HVLS industrial fans

There are many advantages of using industrial fans and to know about these advantages, one can go through the discussion below:

Provide a comfortable and an optimum working environment for the staff

It is not easy to work in a manufacturing unit for 8 hours a day consecutively without breaks. It results in a lot of fatigue especially if the work conditions are not ideal. The weather might be hot, sticky, constricting, and filled with dusty air. This air can also harm the eyesight of the workers and also cause breathing trouble which in turn results in lower productivity. The heat comes out from the machines that are used and one cannot avoid it. This is where the role of the industrial fans comes into play. They remove the dusty hair and bring in the fresh air. They increase the comfort of the working conditions. They make working in these factories much more comfortable and healthy.

They remove hazardous gases and toxins from the air

Other than providing comfort, these fans also do a great job of keeping the air toxin-free. These industrial fans provide ventilation within a closed space. Regular usage of these industrial fans also helps in preventing the buildup of fumes.

They also dry materials that are required during the manufacturing process

In certain industries like food or printing, drying is a very important step to create finished products that are ready to be shipped. Fans can do the job well. The air that they expel dries these products quite easily.


The HVLS industrial fans are one of the best industrial fans that create a cooling effect. If one gets these fans, it will certainly be beneficial and increase the productivity of the workers.

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