Things You Need to Know About Chemical Feed Systems

Chemical facilities and industries often during their processes produce various amounts of water. This water ends up in nearby water bodies. The shortcoming of this is that such water body becomes polluted. Hence water treatment from facilities and industries is very important. When treated, it becomes non-toxic and healthy for use.

There is a need to use chemical feed systems to release and inject substances into the water produced from these industries, enabling treatment. The process of injecting and releasing the elements into the water is called dosing.

Types of Chemicals Used in Feed Systems

They’re various types of substances used for treatment. It all depends on the form you want. Below are the various types that can be used for purification.

Liquid Chemical

These are liquid in nature. They are effective as well. They’re also easy to apply and are very common and viable for use.

Dry Chemicals

This type of chemical on the other hand is in dry form. It is usually in powdered form. It is as well very effective and potent. examples re sodium bicarbonate.

Gaseous Chemicals

This is another type of treatment. This type is usually in gas form. It is used for lots of purposes. One such purpose is the odor control it offers. An example of a very common gaseous chemical is chlorine gas. This page has more on the uses of chlorine gas.

Types of Chemical Feed System

Listed below are the different types of chemical systems that are ideal for use in a feed system.


Just as the name implies, this type of feed system is continuously fed into the water tank. This is done by applying it on one occasion into the equipment. Afterward, it is then released at a specific rate in a regulated manner. The feed rate is usually regulated by needle valves. Continuous feed systems are usually employed for liquid chemicals.


This type of feed system is also used for liquid chemicals. The substance is usually shot-fed. This is done by control on the feeder pump. It is generally used in cooling systems.


This type of feed system is usually used for gas chemicals. In this type of feed, gas is directly released and injected into the water to be treated. The injection and release of gas into the water are usually done under high pressure.


This type of feed system is also for gas substances. It is usually appropriate for vacuum-type feeders. In vacuum-type feeders, the vacuum draws gas to the piping system. In this type of feed system, the pipe has to be properly maintained and taken care of in order not to have leaks.


These types are commonly used for dry substances. As the name implies, they’re applied manually. They’re also applied in batches during intervals.

Importance of Using Properly Designed Chemical Feed System

The importance of using well-designed machinery cannot be overemphasized. Below are some of the reasons why these properly designed pieces of machinery are essential.

Increased Performance and Functioning

When a chemical feed appliance is properly organized and designed, it functions well. The control and apparatus operate better. You’re able to then get the value for the money you have spent on the purchase.

The performance becomes smooth and unhindered. The substances flow properly and are not overused. It is very important to use well-designed machinery. This is to escape unnecessary fault and poor performance.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

When your feed system is not properly designed, it causes poor performance. It may also cause increased use of compounds. When this occurs, it increases maintenance costs. Meanwhile, properly designed machines whose chemical control functions properly will reduce maintenance costs. There will be little or no replacement or repairs. When this is the case maintenance cost will be reduced.

It Allows for Longevity

A properly designed chemical feed system elongates the life span of equipment and wares. They tend not to damage easily. When not overused, they tend to last longer and do not easily get faulty. This is as opposed to constant replacement due to poorly designed systems.

Well-functioning and properly organized machines will save you the unnecessary stress of having to do constant repairs. This in turn saves you financial commitment and stress. It is cost-friendly and ends up helping you save your income.

Increased Productivity

Well-designed and properly functioning control machines allow for increased productivity. Its operations become stable and sufficient. However, this will not be the case if the apparatus is poorly organized. Such a situation will increase operational costs and hinder the performance of the machine. So, if you want to enjoy increased productivity and operations, you must take proper care of the appliance. This link has more in increasing productivity at your facility.

Final Note

All you need to know about the chemical feed system is highlighted above. Several types are available for purchase. It depends on what suits the situation. Proper care is also key. This is because it helps you enjoy your money’s worth rather than compound the problem.

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