Online Gambling and Online Sports Betting: What’s the Difference?

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between online gambling and online sports betting, then rest assured you are not alone. There are many similarities in that they are both a form of gambling where money changes hands, and there is excitement about what you might win. The easiest way to think about online gambling and sports betting is to remember them as they were before on the High Street. Online gambling tends to offer everything you would find at a land-based casino and more. Sports betting is the online version of popping into the bookies and placing a bet on your favourite team. There are various terminologies that belong to each of these two different forms of gambling so let’s take a bit of a closer look.

Online Gambling 

Over the last decade or so, online gambling has gone from relatively unknown to one of the highest-grossing industries in the whole world. Online casinos pop up all over the place, offering players the chance to enjoy their favourite games and a little water as well. You can expect to find all of the games you enjoy playing at the high stake’s casinos in Las Vegas at an online casino. From poker tables to roulette wheels, baccarat to craps and many more. The online casino is also the home of slot machines that you may recognise more as one-armed bandits. In fact, slot machines are some of the most popular and regularly enjoyed games that the Internet has to offer.

The majority of casino games are also based on chance alone, with the player having no ability to impact on the result. So, for example, in roulette, you are simply guessing what number the ball might land on, and each potential win comes with different odds. You can place a specific bet, such as landing on the number 23, or you can place a more general bet that the winning number will be black. For the winning combinations that are easier to predict, the pay-out will be less. Or casino games feature a house edge, which means that the casino will always make money even when you win.

Some casino games like poker operate on an element of skill and strategy, but again there is no way to predict what cards will be dealt with. As these games are online, they are generally video representations using computer-generated images. Over the last few years, the live casino has gained in popularity, and this is where a player can log on and watch a live stream of a game as it actually happens. The gaming providers have studios set up where professional croupiers will lead you through the game in just the same way as they do in person at a land-based casino. These are proving incredibly popular as they are immersive and more interactive. Virtual reality is another technology that is beginning to gain momentum in online gambling as players can wear a headset and gloves and fully immerse themselves in the game as if they were really there.

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting works in much the same way as if you were to pop into a local bookie and place a bet. Bookmakers offer sportsbooks where you can place bets on all of your favourite teams. Sports betting gives odds depending on various factors relating to the event, and each bookie will have its own odds. This is why individuals prefer one online sports betting company over another. The difference between sports betting and other gambling is that you do have a reasonably good idea of the outcome because you can predict results based on previous performance and other factors. Of course, bookmakers also know this, and they will offer a lower pay-out for events that are more certain. People have made a lifetime business betting on the underdog and getting lucky snapping some really big money because the odds were in their favour.

Again, you get to make various different bets; it’s not always a case of guessing who will win; there are other scenarios you can bet on, including scores, who will score, and other factors. Each of these will be assigned odds, and you would be able to calculate how much you would win if you were correct. Sports betting is less competitive than online gambling because you aren’t playing against other players as such; you are simply betting on an outcome. Online bookmakers offer many different carrots to tempt their punters to spend more money; some have exclusive live coverage of events that aren’t available anywhere else. These unlock once a bet is placed and enables you to watch your favourite game live.

Not Exclusive

Of course, there is no exclusivity with these options, and plenty of people enjoy both for different reasons. Some online casinos have a sports betting arena. Others focused purely on gaming. It goes without saying that you should look for reputable casinos and bookmakers before parting with any of your money. All of the High Street names have an online presence now, so you may be familiar with them already, and they are, of course, entirely safe. If you are playing on a site that you are unfamiliar with, you should be checking to ensure that they are regulated and licenced by the UK Gambling Commission to have the protection you need.

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