Digital Marketing: Trends You Mustn’t Ignore in 2021

In the past, data-driven advertising, voice recognition, and artificial intelligence (AI) were no more than mere concepts that were too ambitious to be fully realised. However, these innovative trends have become the priority for many entrepreneurial ventures in 2021. And rightfully so. After all, no business can remain competitive in today’s online landscape if they are unable to adapt to the perpetually evolving changes in internet advertising. For this reason, services such as SEO igaming from reputable agencies like have become invaluable to the success of an enterprise.

In this day and age, marketing technology moves at a rapid pace. Consumer behaviour and interest are no longer as easy to predict as they once were, and marketers can no longer afford to rely solely on traditional methods. With that said, here are some of the trends that you mustn’t ignore in digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence

It isn’t hard to see why businesses have begun to incorporate AI into their digital marketing campaigns. It can analyse the search patterns, expectations, and behaviour of consumers much more accurately and efficiently than methods of old. AI can also improve marketing in general. Through the utilisation of blog posts and social media, they present businesses with the opportunity to better understand how they can reach out to their target audiences and guide them to their offerings. Because of its advantages, it’s likely to become the driving force in various services such as the following:

  • Communication
  • Product suggestions
  • Personalised emails
  • Online transactions
  • Content creation

Beyond its efficiency and precision, another reason why AI is a trend that shouldn’t be ignored is that it’s cost-effective.  Because it will cut its staffing costs, a company can improve its profit margins, accelerate its growth, and ultimately gain an advantage over its rivals.

Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing refers to the process of automating the ad buying process through the use of AI to target a specific audience. One example of this is bidding in real-time. The automated approach is quicker and more efficient than many other techniques leading to much lower acquisition costs for customers and a higher rate for conversions. With its ability to deliver real-time insights, improved targeting, and greater transparency, programmatic advertising is a trend to keep an eye out for.


Another AI-based piece of technology is the chatbot. Widely used by many businesses today, they’re expected to become a common tool in the arsenal of any enterprise in years to come, and for a good reason. It can communicate with users in real-time, 24/7. Because of this, many prefer to interact with them because they can quickly respond to their concerns and will never lose their patience with them. As virtual assistants, they offer customers exceptional service by meeting their needs and expectations. For businesses, it enhances efficiency by automating more repetitive tasks.

Conversational advertising

Speaking of chatbots, modern marketing has become more conversational today than it ever was in the past. Consumers prefer this approach, and brands are catering to their needs. Whenever they have an inquiry or concern, they want it to be addressed quickly in a more conversational way. This form of advertising facilitates a connection in real-time between customers and marketers alike. Best of all, it’s more or less available on a variety of different digital channels, giving enterprises the ability to meet their customers on terms they’re comfortable with, regardless of preferred device, schedule, or platform.


To elevate your marketing efforts, you must ensure that it is as personalised to the consumer as possible. When you get right down to it, this allows a brand to connect with the intended audience much more effectively than it otherwise would have. More importantly, it makes it easier on the customers in many ways. For instance, mobile applications can provide users with information like their history of purchases or even recommendations to make everything simpler.


Videos impact digital marketing a lot. As the preferred medium for many users, videos are easier to mentally consume than text alone. Therefore, it is more likely to keep an audience engaged with the content and drive more inbound organic web traffic to your online domain. It may even elevate your rankings in the search results. To maximise the desired results of your video content, follow these strategies before publishing the content online:

  • Include transcribed text to the video for better accessibility.
  • Have a standalone piece using transcription.
  • Make use of audio for a podcast.
  • Leverage the thumbnails of the video in your marketing campaign.


More and more businesses today are leveraging influencers to elevate their visibility. These popular figures can help a brand amplify its message and reach a market that it wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. While they can be celebrities, they’re generally internet personalities who possess sizable followings and can generate enough exposure for a company in ways that it can’t do on its own. It isn’t a mere trend either; many expect it to grow in the following years due to the efficacy of the technique.

Voice search

Companies have begun to rethink their marketing strategies with the advent of voice search. It now plays a critical role in giving the end-user relevant information when conducting their search through audio. As AI continues to get smarter, the errors made by Alexa, Siri, and other popular voice assistants are being reduced, making the process a lot less tedious for the user. And the convenience and comfort in using voice search will ensure that they remain engaged with the brand.

Content marketing

Content marketing remains at the forefront of many campaigns. The reason for this is its efficacy as an advertising tool. Consumers today are much smarter than they were back in the day and aren’t easily swayed by sales pitches. Instead, they look for brands that offer them real value. Through the production of top-notch content, you can do just that as it doesn’t only let a company appear credible and trustworthy, but it also elevates visibility.


When it comes to digital marketing, change is inevitable. Your ability to keep up and adapt to these changes will determine the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. By staying on top of these current trends, you’ll be able to create more awareness for your brand and its offerings, build a solid reputation, and attract your target customers.

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