What Extransynthese Has to Offer?

Health is the welfare state of the body, soul, and social that makes possible a socially, economically productive, productive life for each person. Health care is an inclusive effort, and prevention of disorders that require checkups, medications and/or treatments including pregnancy, and childbirth.We address health problems with efforts and ways to do our best because the price of being healthy is high. Because if we were healthy, we could do our job well, and if we were sick then there would be a lot of pending activities and if there were delays then there would be a lot of sustenance. So healthy is very important to all of us. Healthy, starting with ourselves, beginning with the smallest things like what kind of food we eat. Not only do I take care of the inside, I take care of the outside health. Therefore it requires a lot of taking care of health.

For development of antic methods and expert analysis of phytochemical or botanist, since 30 years Extrasynthese are experts in extraction, separation, purification and analytical technologies from which have developped a more than 1000 substances catalog we supply to all academic, regulatory, agricultural and industrial bodies dealing with plants and herbal products. Based on our unique collection of substances, designed a sample library that was made specifically for biological screening. Packaging, labeling, barcode as requested, please make your bid fit.The extrasynthese company provide technical services based on our expertise in extraction, synthesis, purification and phytochemical analysis.

That is the site Extrasynthese company that manufactures, qualifies and sells phytochemical substances as reference materials and analytical standards.There you will find a herbs reference which will solve your problems.More than 160 botanical and herbal reference materials have been available since September 2017.You can also have adjusted reference development.Their mission is to produce, qualify, and sell phytochemical substances as standard analytic and reference materials around the world. During the 30 years that they have specialized in extraction, extraction, purification, and analytical technologies from which we have developed over 1,000 catalogs of substances that we supply to all academic bodies, regulations, agriculture and industry that deal with herbal plants and products.

The Extrasynthese company have developed a catalog of hundreds of traditional phytochemistry polyphenics, carotenoids, terpens, alkaloids, lipids, oligosakarida fibers Used as reference material for quality management and testing authorisation. They continue to increase our list of products, technology equipment boxes and quality in operations. They are an independent company, founded since 1986 in the Lyon (French) region, one of the country’s most dynamic cities in biology. They sell our products all over the world, live or through distributors. They will proudly contribute to your research, development, or production program by supplying your material for reference needs, in the academic areas or industry related to herbal products phytochemical, biological,pharmacological, metabolism, agronomy, plant protection, nutraceu, food and food, flavor and scent, health care, oral medicine. Lets check the site, you can find much reference substance, you also can order there.

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