Website Refresh vs. Redesign – Which One Should You Consider?

Website Refresh vs. Redesign - Which One Should You Consider?

Website is said to promote your business around the clock, which no employee can do. It ensures your web presence and keeps serving the visitors. Everything seems fine if the visitors easily find it in search results and social media, but it demands a change if it is not fulfilling its purpose.

The visitors may need an improve user experience or the technology may compel you to adopt a modern and latest CMS or eCommerce platform. You may also look into various factors such as tweaking a web design Dubai for the multi-cultural residents there. A single design may not suffice the needs of all as you may need to understand the users and mold the features accordingly.

Now the design changes can be major or minor. For example, on a smaller level, you may need to change color and text of the call to action, but on a higher level, you may decide to modify the entire design of a product page. Here comes the choice to go either for the website refresh or a design.

What is a Website Refresh?

A website refresh deals with the outer surface of a website. It refreshes the layout and appearance without modifying or altering the infrastructure of a website. For example, if you apply this concept on a house, it may include paint work, installing lights, redoing the kitchen cabinets, etc. The functionality of the website remains the same with a refreshing look. For your website refresh, you can consider adding fresh content, revising keyword addition, replace calls to action with attractive designs, and putting product sliders, banners, images, etc.

When do you need a Website Refresh?

A website refresh includes tasks that may be called minor touches to the design that’s why it is called website re-skinning as well. Let me draw some of the scenarios when website refresh can be helpful for you to select rather going for the detailed work that is often required in a website redesign.

A new addition to the website – For example, you have recently built or redesigned a website, but few changes are required.

Change appearance without losing on SEO – for example, if your visitors are easily finding your website or store on the web, and they easily understand the navigation but want to improve the layout to perform even better.

Removing outdated content – if you have put low-quality content that was produced in a hassle and it is outdated now, you can change that text, images, and other visuals easily.

New logo design – Adding new logo all across the website is easy with website refresh as it may not demand a complete redesign.

Simplifying user experience – website refresh is useful in helping your visitors quickly find related products, recent articles, search filter, changing menu or other petty changes for improving the user experience

What is a Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a complete rebranding that starts with code modification and leads to an entirely new look of a website. If we consider the same example of a home, a redesign can be breaking the old infrastructure and replacing it a newly built one. A website redesign gives you the opportunity to start right from the beginning with newly defined priorities and goals to reach the target audience more effectively.

When do you need a Website Redesign?

Taking website redesign decisions is tough, however that are scenarios that may compel you to go for it such as the website is no more useful or you have a brilliant idea for it. Let’s discuss different moments when you may need to redesign the website.

Technology Change – With rapid development in technology, it may happen that the platform or framework you use for a website is obsolete. For example, the closure of Magento 1 support has made stores to move onto Magento 2 eCommerce platform.

Inactive Website – If your website visitors find your website outdated and they are neither finding it informative and attractive, you need a redesign. Have a fresh design to start attracting users towards the product and services you offer.

Changed Business Goals – By the time you start a business, you can a set of goals. As soon as you reach closer to those goals, you set out on a new journey of goals which require a complete overhaul. Reflect the changing goals or business expansion with rebranding.

Complex User Interface – websites with the custom design are hard to use. Adding or removing content is not easier for a non-coder. With redesigning, you can switch to easier content management systems. It allows even a coding ignorant to manage your website.

Implementing a digital strategy – A digital strategy may demand a website to be compatible with a variety of platforms for promotions and paid campaigns. It may require a complete design makeover to implement a content or marketing strategy.

Refresh vs. Redesign – Which one should you consider?

With different scenarios, you can decide which one option is suitable for your business needs. The website refresh may allow you to update a few design elements, whereas website redesign takes onto change the entire visual experience. If you are still unclear about its selection, let me put a few more options that may help you in deciding either to refresh or redesign your website.

Time limit – A website refresh may take a couple of weeks that also depends on the set of minor tasks you want to accomplish. However, a website redesign may take a few months. In fact, most of the websites need several refreshes despite a complete overhaul, which makes the redesigning a long journey to complete.

Cost – The cost varies from project to project, but, as the redesigning involves major changes to infrastructure, it will cost you higher, for sure. On the other side, you can ask a freelancer for a refresh as it neither requires great coding skills nor a hefty budget.  

Goals – If your website is fulfilling its goals with the existing design, you may need a refresh for changing the appearance and making it attractive. However, if your website fails to attract desired traffic or conversions for long, it is the time to redesign.


Evaluate your website design. If it is working fine, then consider avoiding the redesigning. However, web design companies usually recommend having a complete redesign after every two or three years. The refreshes are not costly and do not halt the business operations that’s why you can pursue it every year.

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