Sneaky Ways To Save Money In 2020

Sneaky Ways To Save Money In 2020

With all of our monthly expenses like rent, insurance, and credit cards, it is nice to see that little extra amount in your account that can be set aside for a rainy day fund. Wouldn’t it great to make sure there was a little bit more in your pot?

That’s where Money Gains is here to help. Money Gains is a start-up price comparison website, designed to help you save money and find the best deal available on the market. Their first product allows consumers in Northern Ireland to compare electricity tariffs or plans. Money Gains’ free independent comparison service allows you to browse quotes from top energy providers like:

  • Budget Energy
  • Click Energy
  • Electric Ireland
  • Power NI
  • SSE Airtricity

Money Gains is free, accurate, and easy to use. They are an independently owned outlet, so there’s no persuasion in their deals. They are out to find the best bang for your buck, and nothing else. All Northern Ireland tariffs and suppliers are covered and backed by an awesome community of money savers.

Money Gains also provides energy guides to keep users in the know about possible price changes on the horizon, ensuring that the best rate and the lower rate are always brought to the consumer’s attention.

Sneaky Ways To Save Money In 2020

Look at the Numbers

The price you pay for every unit of energy used, the lower the cost the better. Money Gains takes into account an electricity supplier’s standing charge, while also factoring in promotions and discounts that a customer may be eligible for like:

  • Opting for online/paperless billing over paper bills
  • Paying by preferred payment method, for example, monthly direct debit
  • Looking out for a supplier with a welcome/switching credit promotion
  • Remember, terms will apply to discounts and promotions.

Money Gains also confirms if a tariff has a minimum term to help you avoid paying an exit fee if you decide to switch any from a provider too early. Perhaps most importantly, Money Gains takes customer service ratings into accounts, letting you know how others have faired with a particular supplier.

Not only do they compare rates for customers, but Money Gains also gives customers advice on how to keep their electric bill down, like:

  • Turn off appliances on standby when not in use
  • Try turning down your thermostat, even 1 degree will help you save
  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees, rather than 40
  • Use low energy LED lightbulbs

Money Gains also encourages their active community of savers to provide tips to help others out with their bills.

Sneaky Ways To Save Money In 2020

More Affordable Loans

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