How new UEL Moodle is helpful for students?

In today’s world where things are constantly changing every second, the path for education has also started to revolve around computer technology. It does not mean the traditional ways to get educated is beginning to lose its importance, but instead, new ways of learning are being explored using modern-day technology. One of the ways is learning through the Moodle system that allows the user to educate themselves through courses present online, where they can access them anytime. Universities are starting to indulge these models into their systems to provide maximum resources to their students, and one such institute has achieved that: the University of East London.

Before going any further, let us understand what a UEL Moodle system really is?

UEL Moodle is a virtual portal where users can receive announcements and manage their courses or subjects the way they prefer. Also to mention, there is a variety of resources located within the system that includes not only text-only troubleshooting ideas or techniques but, also includes video tutorials for that matter. Users can take part in community discussions through forums and provide their opinions regarding the subject that is being talked about. It is a great place to not only interact with well-minded people but to also enhance the knowledge using the resources present.

Check out the video for a brief introduction to the system:

Let us discuss some of the great benefits that come along with UELs’ Moodle system


The system is easy to understand, and, has been well sorted to maintain its simplicity to make sure it is helpful as well resourceful to the end-user. Mostly what happens is with so much of information scattered around, it becomes hard for the user to search or find anything related. The easier it is to deal with, the more user will use the system for their troubleshooting.


The system is easy to use and easy to access. With that said, UEL Moodle has a responsive design, which means that the content will adjust according to the screen size. This is important because the use of smartphones is increasing day by day, so while the user is on the go, he or she can still manage their resources through an efficient system. With respect to eLearning platforms, you can easily access free online courses with certificates from top organizations and universities.


This is the primary focus of the system, that is, to allot activities to the user for their references. What this means is that there are quizzes, communication tools such as forums, other resources such as context and videos that are present to help the user for their courses, or just for the sack of their information. It also enables the user for positive engagement within the system to develop themselves for a better tomorrow.


Apart from attaining resources and gaining knowledgeable content, UELs’ Moodle includes features to submit workings electronically straight towards the relevant teachers for their checking or reviewing. Also to mention, users can request feedback from the concerned teachers upon their workings to ensure good faith in between.


It is important to retain the privacy of every user to the maximum extent there is, and that is why the entire system has a secure log-in feature to ensure data integrity is secured 24/7 round the clock. Also to mention, as this is a web-based system, the URL is also equipped with an SSL certification that also ensures the users’ data to remain secure within their accounts at all times.

It is to say that in these modern times it is essential to have a web-based solution for the users where they can not only interact with their fellow mates but also educate themselves through resources provided to them, or, created by them within the system. Interacting with teachers and troubleshooting their problems together makes a great positive impact on the users by sharing their opinions or asking for feedback. It is the right step in the right direction towards making lives a little more efficient and easier at the same time like an essay writing service.

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