DIY Home Improvements: 4 To Try This Summer

Summer is an ideal time to hit the beach, fire up the barbeque, and, yes, think about doing some DIY home improvement work on your property. The warmer weather and lower likelihood of rain give you a great opportunity to give different areas of your house a thorough refresh.

Whether it’s your outdoor spaces or interiors, a simple DIY job can increase your property’s value and preserve its liveability. Best of all, a basic DIY enhancement won’t break the bank, and you’ll likely get a sense of accomplishment from successfully carrying out the home improvement. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the top DIY home improvements to try this summer.

1. Pressure wash outdoor spaces

Pressure washing your outdoor spaces could give your property a complete facelift. What’s more, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home and get a solid return on your investment. If your exteriors are looking a little tired or if you have dirty driveways, outdoor walls, and roofing, hire a pressure washer and roll up your sleeves for a few hours outside to remove built-up mold, dirt, algae, mildew, and mold.

Depending on what has accumulated outside your house, you could get by with only the pressure washer. In other cases, with tough spots, you might need to do some extra scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush or pressure wash brush as well. You can use pressure washers on decks, patios, bricks, roofing, driveways, and even some outdoor furniture. Don’t forget to follow the operating instructions and follow electric-shock safety rules as you do.

2. Deck maintenance

Dining outside and enjoying the company of family and friends on your own deck is a fantastic way to enjoy a relaxing, warm evening – and ideally, you’ll be doing this on a well-maintained deck. Deck maintenance can be easier than it might sound, and the warmer months mean you can carry on with your DIY upgrades without rain disrupting your work.

Start by checking for broken or loose boards, and have any damaged boards repaired or replaced. If you’re confident, you might be able to carry out the re-deck job yourself. This is usually a fairly straightforward task with board-for-board replacement, and it typically doesn’t involve more complex elements like digging or placing posts, or beam and joist calculations.

If your deck boards are already in good condition, give them a thorough clean or hose-down with a pressure washer. Consider giving them a fresh coat of paint and finish, and you should be all good to go.

3. Maintain and repair fences and gates

Do your home’s fencing, and gates look tired, worn, and in need of a refresh? Simple DIY updates to your fencing and gates could make your property look newer and more appealing, and it could enhance your property’s resale value. At a functional level, working fencing and gates are essential for security.

For older fencing and gates, you might be looking at replacing them, which might require the help of a licensed tradesperson. In other cases, you might be replacing old or broken palings to improve the structural soundness of your fencing. Check your local licensing, codes, and standards before doing any fencing and gating work, and talk to your neighbor if it will affect their property.

For basic DIY work like painting, you can easily carry out the upgrade yourself. You can either paint or stain your fence and gates, and either solution offers advantages. For example, wood fencing and gates absorb staining well, whilst paint can give your property an aesthetically pleasing injection of color.

4. Kitchen revamp

The warmer period of the year is a great time to revamp your kitchen because it’s much easier to cook and eat outside. As you rely on your barbeque, grill, and outdoor dining furniture during meal times, you can vacate your kitchen for basic DIY upgrades like updating your cabinets and shelving to a full remodel. Kitchen remodels can boost efficiency, utility, and design – and possibly also the value of your home. You could check some ideas and innovations from RTA Outdoor Kitchens, especially the modern Outdoor Kitchen Islands that surely will add more beauty and save more spaces to your place.

Take your budget and goals into account when planning your kitchen upgrade, and keep in mind that even minor refreshes can make a big difference. (This is where a renovation calculator comes in handy!) You can update your lighting, change window coverings, add shelving and cabinetry, add a new tiled splashback, or repaint surfaces. 

Achieving your summer DIY home improvement goals

Take advantage of the warmer season by sprucing up your property this summer. Whether it’s giving your deck and fencing an update or upgrades to your kitchen, you’ll keep your property looking good and maximize its liveability. Home improvements can be cost-effective, and even an afternoon spent pressure-washing your outdoor surfaces could make a significant difference.

If you’re ready for something more involved, consider gate, fence, and decking repairs or painting. Alternatively, look for easy upgrades for your kitchen. Ultimately, remember to plan your DIY job in advance by budgeting for the job and clarifying your goals. With a clear plan, you’ll be more likely to spend your budget wisely and achieve what you’re looking for.

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