5 Tips to Make your Work Presentable


We all want to give our best in our work environment. We try various things to help improve our output. Sometimes we succeed, at other times not as much. There could be a zillion things, both tangible and intangible, that tend to contribute to our ultimate output. Today, we will look at a few aspects that contribute to making our work stand out in terms of presentation. We will be discussing some simple tips that can help you handle presentations more professionally:

1.   Font Type

Choosing the right font for your textual presentation is highly critical. You must always use simple and professional fonts like Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman and so on. The font you pick acts like an attire you dress up your presentation in so be discreet and keep it harmonious with the nature of your content. If you decide to choose otherwise, the presentation might just come across as immature and unprofessional in its outlook.

2.   Font Color

We all like a variety of colors in our everyday life. But it does not mean that we have to use all of them while putting together a presentation at work. It is best to use plain black color for the content that constitutes various sections under each heading. If you feel the need, you may use one or two other colors for your headings, but do not go further than that at filling up your presentation with the entire palette on hand.

3.   Stick to a Format

You must always decide how you may deem it most effective to structure your presentation before starting on it. It is advisable to not change the structure while you prepare the content. For instance, if you are making a report, it would serve the purpose the best if a structural outline similar to the one below is essentially maintained:

  • Title
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

If you stick to a more or less similar format for any given type of task, you will find it easier to convey your message more effectually. Remain mindful, if the thought out format is not followed, it may become difficult to make sense of the presentation.

4.   Headings

It is highly appreciated from the viewpoint of effective communication to employ headings. A heading to a body of content is like eyes to the human face – it provides you with the gist of the content that follows. So, go ahead and make each heading the herald of the value of information that comes thereafter- the right number of headings, in a bid to internally divide the content for the sake of clear and effective communication, is necessary at all the right points. Otherwise, your presentation is bound to come across as less than presentable. Headings also tend to emphasize the logical order of the content for the reader, making it not only to easily navigate through various sections, but impress the power of the rationale behind the whole presentation.

5.   High Definition Graphics

You must always try and use high-quality graphics. They emphasize the textual information visually, increasing the chance of the message being driven home with greater impact. You just need to have an internet connection at your home. Not to forget, it tells of the extent to which you have researched and prepared the content of your presentation. For instance, something as seemingly trivial as the wrong choice of an image in terms of resolution can actually pixelate the impression of the recipient and prove a turn off. With not too much effort, you can avoid such facets of a presentation to take away from its effectiveness.


There is always room for improvement in almost everything we do, not barring our professional performance. No one can claim to have perfected their output because perfection is a journey. We have touched upon only a few essentials that could help you organize your presentations even if your boss gives you half the time necessary to assemble one. As you go along, you will come to develop your own unique sense of building professional presentations which by all means deserve to stand out.

If you have more clues to the art of presentation that you would like to share with others, feel free to do so.

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