5 Steps to Creating a Health & Wellness Instagram Account

Starting a health and wellness Instagram account is a great way to share your wellness journey and communicate with others from around the world that are on a similar journey as you. You can share your workouts, some healthy recipes, or some life hacks that helped you with your new healthy lifestyle. To have a successful Instagram account, the important thing to know is where to start and how to continue producing quality content. We’ve got you covered, from a smart digital photo storage device all the way to content.

Build Your Foundation Of Pictures and Videos-Meet ibi

This digital photo storage device is changing the game for influencers. Since Instagram is all photos and videos, you’ll need to plan your Instagram feed accordingly. Meet Ibi, the smart photo management device that collects your photos and videos on any of your devices, and you choose who you send them to. You can use Ibi to start building all of your Instagram post inspiration. Have a great workout selfie? Use Ibi to save your photo. Have an amazing acai bowl recipe you want to save? Use Ibi to save the recipe and post for next week’s recipe post. This digital photo storage device is used by our favorite celebrities such as Eva Longoria, who uses the device to send outfits to her stylist. Even during the COVID-19 quarantine, she’s keeping her photos and videos organized and taking photos of her kids using Ibi.


Create A Unique Hashtag

After choosing a photo through your digital photo storage device, you need a good hashtag. “Including a hashtag with your posts helps to categorize content for your audience,” says Jenna MacDonald, who discusses the importance of using hashtags for social media. It increases your presence on Instagram and creates a community for anyone who is intrigued by your hashtag. For example, during the COVID-19 quarantine, #PushUpChallenge started trending on Instagram, which got people from all over the world participating in this pushup challenge and challenging others to do the same. This is a great way to increase your followers.

Follow Accounts That Inspire You

“This account is all about YOU. And that means you should follow people that motivate and inspire you,” states Jersey Strong, who creates health and wellness content. Find out which wellness influencers you relate with and give them a follow. You can also use their following by showing support for others in the industry and maybe even doing a collaboration in the future. Instagram collaborations are a fun way to get two different follower communities involved in health and wellness and increase your follower base as well. Also, think about following charities or businesses that line up with your goals for a similar partnership.


Engage With Your Followers

The Healthie platform explains that “only a small percentage of your followers will actually see your posts on their feed (less than seven percent of your followers!)” Engage with your audience by using Instagram stories, and saving those to your Highlights is another way to communicate with your followers. For example, sharing your grocery list through your stories is perfect, or sharing what songs you’re listening to during your cardio workout.

Share Your Story

Be sure to share your story with the world on why you created this account and what motivates you to keep pushing. If you use your account for weight loss, why should the wellness community follow your account instead of someone else’s? If you use working out to release aggression, why? Anything your followers can relate to will create a successful account. Chances are, someone in your community has a similar story.

To have a popular health and wellness account, it’s important to be the most authentic version of yourself. Be sure to create quality content that fits your brand and your message to your community, and have fun doing it, too.

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