What is MTS, and How to Open and Convert It?

MTS, also known as MPEG Transport Stream, is a format invented by Sony and Panasonic for their camcorders. The format is also supported by many Blu-ray discs. If the video is imported from a Blu-ray disc, it will have a .M2TS extension. It can be used for saving the video in 720p or 1080 HD video resolutions. MTS video is compressed with the MPEG-4/H.264 codec. The audio in the video is compressed with Dolby AC-3 codec and PCM.

How to Open MTS Video?

You can open MTS file with a third party program that supports it. Examples of third-party programs that support MTS videos are Windows Media PlayerCyberlinkPowerDirector, and Corel Video Studio.

If the file did not open, check to see if it is really an MTS. Some file formats have the close name as MTS, for example, MAS and MST may look like MTS to a newbie. MAS is a file format used in Microsoft Access and it has nothing to do with the video. MST is a Windows Installer Setup Transform File. Corel Presentations also can open the MST file.

The problem with MTS file is that it is large in size so it will take a long time to upload it. The large file size also poses a problem to watch the video on a smartphone. Even if your phone has space, you still wouldn’t want to save the MTS files. The lack of storage space can cause your phone to hang and you may have to reset it.

To solve this problem, you must convert the video first to another format like MP4. If you convert it to MP4, your video size will be significantly reduced. This allows your video to be uploaded speedily. There won’t be people noticing the quality drop in the converted video.

How to Convert an MTS Video

There are two main methods to convert an MTS video. The first method is to use software that supports video compression function. If you frequently have to deal with MTS videos, you should buy the video converter software to compress it. If you use the free version, you may face limitations or you keep seeing the message that tells you to upgrade to the paid version.

Even if you don’t have a desktop converter, it is still possible to convert the video with a video editor. You open the video editor and save it in the preferred format to convert it. If you need a free video editor, just download VLC player. Many free open source video converter has complex settings and not easy to use by beginners. You can use a paid converter program with beginner-friendly user interface if you are not willing to spend time to learn how to use the complex settings.

Alternatively, you can download the trial version of paid software and use it to convert your video. But, keep in mind trial versions have limitations and may put a watermark on the converted video. You can also use online converter to convert from MTS to MP4. If you choose to use an online converter, you may have to get permission from the household members that share the internet. This is because it is going to use a lot of bandwidth to download the video.

Another method to convert an MTS video is to use the converter plugin. As a rule of thumb, only download a converter plugin that has a high rating and updated recently. The downside of using a converter plugin is that your browser can hang when you try to convert a large video file. The plugin may also contain a virus that can infect your computer.

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